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Photobucket is a growing web destination for Star Trek fans, offering news, feature articles, trivia, polls, downloads, and a network of audio and video podcasts. From this site you can download, The Ready Room hosted by Chris and Greg (which is the main show)  this show covers anything and everything from news,collectables comics and music. With a variety of guests they then discuss an episode of Star trek. You can also download Matter stream,Hyper Channel and The Captains Table. It is also the home of  my own show Trek News & Views. All podcasts are also found in ITunes and on Sticher Radio.


Twitter: @trekfm

The Lou Trek Show is a weekly Star Trek Podcast. They discuss everything about Star Trek. Such as: What does the guy in the brig do when the brig is empty of prisoners. News From the Future, Tech Of Trek, Trek Birthdays and much more. Check the out below.


Twitter: @loutrekshow


Trek Mate are a Star Trek Podcast based in the United Kingdom. They currently have 5 different podcasts airing each week for your listening pleasure. why not visit their website for more info. Wayne, Paul,Marc have long been active in the Trek community and Wayne has worked with Colin on several projects. Recently teaming up for the massively downloaded Star Trek London interview. With a variety of great people involved Trekmate  brings British podcasting to your ears oh and they also like to play lots of games.


Twitter: @trekmate1701

The Delta Quadrant is a Star Trek podcast reviewing the episodes and voyages of Star Trek Voyager. Take about 2 hours of your time to hear their in depth, funny and enjoyable views on each and every episode. Hosted by Josh, JD, Charlynn and Matt this show is so popular they have to do a seperate mail bag show!. Forget the rest listen to the best, no other dedicated Voyager podcast comes anywhere near this one in quality and entertainment with wonderful hosts. Check them out at the links below.


Twitter: @DeltaQuadt_Cast

Treknologic is a Star Trek podcast and community.Join the USS Relativity as they review the episodes of Star Trek accross the universe.  Covering all Star trek shows in a rotation basis, they tenderly discuss an episode while having lots of laughs along the way. They then wrap the show with a Trek trivia quiz which is quite simply hysterical. Hosted by four American Friends, Jeff,Keri,Chris and Mike have also created a community on the Treknologic forums sparking some great discussions of anything and everything, not just Star trek.

Check out their website and forum below.


Twitter: @treknologic

The Gatecast is a weekly episode by episode viewing of Stargate SG1 with commentary and opinions. Mike and Alan bring their own unique style to the Stargate franchise, with great banter a wealth of information on the episode. They also garnish news and Stargate birthdays on their twitter feed, the show also includes  listener comments. Check out their website and twitter below.


Twitter: @thegatecast

Sam and Carole aka The Trekkie Girls host a Star Trek Blog covering a wide veriaty of subjects to do in the Trek universe. Coupled with a youtube channel what these girls dont know about Star trek isnt worth knowing. They are also based in the United Kingdom and are classed as Star Trek Convention experts so pop over to their blog and check them out as they are two brilliant ladies and are fun to get to now.


Twitter: @TrekkieGirls

A weekly podcast with the highly talented  Rick and Amy Moyer discussing spiritual things without being religious. Rick is also a talented musician and composer who has a brilliant Star trek parody site. He has also composed music and lyrics for a variety of projects including video games. They discuss all aspects of life from Star trek to dinosaurs, with anything and everything in between. check out their website below.


Tracy and Vaughn brung you a Star Trek Podcast that is watching all of Startrek in broadcast order. So far they have covered TOS and TAS. They bring great humour and knowledge to the show and being Canadians in Australia you get a nice cultural slant. In addition they often “rope”, friends into the show and it is never a dull show no matter what the subject matter is .check out their website below.


Twitter: @trektv

Mike and Max watch and Comment  on a wide variety of movies sometimes with a guest sometimes without but always entertaining. From Star trek to Silence of the Lambs they will cover a host of Genres and have guest reviewers on as well from time to time. If you want an alternate film view this is for you.


Twitter: @ComTrackStars


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