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I’m Back!!


Its Been a while since i blogged, real life has a habit of getting in the way of things. But i have also been going through an awful lot on the personal front, what with health and family related issues. This coupled with an increased work load left me with very little time for anything else. These where contributing factors to me not being able to maintain the release schedule and standards of the main Trek News and Views podcast. To this end Chris Jones, head of Trek FM and stalwart supporter and very understanding guy in relation to all my ups and downs, helped me place TNV on ice.


This however has not stopped people downloading the show, which makes me smile no end, Thank you. Anyway this month i am finally hoping to get discharged from the hospital and as long as i take my lovely cocktail of meds on a daily basis i should be ok. Well once i lose a few pounds i will be anyway. Its amazing how weight creeps up on you when you cant exercise in any way shape or form!.


With all this in mind and with the advent of a new Star Trek Show, i now intend to resume blogging and also to resume podcasting.  Not weekly like i was before, but as a guest/occasional co host on shows. One of which is a brand new show that i have been fortunate enought to be in on from the off. This Show is a brand new Star Trek show and will be about Star Trek Discovery, its called “New Horizons”

THe host is someone i have worked with before, Steve Roberts. We did a Battlestar Galactica show, which i had to also leave due to the previously mentioned reasons. Steve is a well versed podcaster and an IT guy. An all important aspect of podcasting is knowing a bit of IT. With Trek Fm i was spoiled on that score, i had Chris and Matt Rushing to help me out as well as Richard and a few others.  Steve knows his way around a web page and around systems, so i am looking forward to my odd appearance and getting back behind the mic. As well as seeing where both the new podcast and the new Star Trek show will go.


I  have always enjoyed podcasting and it gave me an outlet, it was wonderful to feel part of the family at Trek fm. I needed, need that outlet. Having that time once a week or once a fortnight to geek out was very helpful. Im sure you have all had moments where you watched or saw something and just wanted to nerd out over it. To me it was that and so much more. Sure a lot of things have changed now, im no longer an active podcaster on Trek FM. Nor am i an active podcaster on Holosuite media (Where the BattleStar Galactica cast was), but i have made some good contacts from podcasting. Some of whom i hope consider me a friend, because i do them.


So now you know why i have been so lax of late in relation to this blog i hope you will undertand.  The mental illness i have fought for 95% of my life, but sometimes it gets the upper hand. The other ailments well as i said at the top, as long as i take my magic cocktail all should be well. I mean every time i take them it reminds me of the “food” in TOS, but thats the geek in me.

So to the next chapter of my geek/nerd journey.  lets get this blog more active and as i do research for the Discovery podcast and my occasional appreances, i will share what i find with you here. As well as keeping you appraised of releases and so forth of the podcast. I am also writing and researching a history podcast for release later in the year, as well as putting my thoughts and feeling into short prose. But thats not for publication on a Trek blog 🙂


I have also had the good fortune to pop up now and then on “The Battle Bridge” which is a TNG podcast on the Trekmate Network. Also on the 19th i am going to be doing my first panel at a con. About podcasting none the less. So it seems i will be as busy as ever.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and for all the support. downloads and retweets over the past few years.

Live long and Podcast


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