Strike a Pose

Have you ever noticed in the Star Trek universe that when someone fires a phaser they, well they strike a pose! i mean even the ships seem to be doing it. They dont just shoot, they pose. The ships tend to pirouette and rotate or stand menacingly over the foe while raining down destruction. But the actors, well i can only assume that it is something that is taught at the academy. “now cadets today we will learn the various stances involved when firing a phaser.” star_trek_cosplay___phasers_by_eloquium-d67hphp

Not that i am saying that all poses are like the one performed by the cos player above. But they do strike some remarkable poses. in fact i was thinking about it today and as i had a certain piece on music i decided to do something, which in itself lead to me creating the new Trek News and Views You tube channel.

Go easy on me its my first go…..

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