So another has come and gone and although we never gained flying cars or hoverboards, from a Star Trek point of view we gained the revelation of a new series. 

In 2017, as I’m sure your aware,a brand new series will be available. Although the details of the show, in relation to settings,cast,ships and so on are unknown. It hasn’t stopped our minds ticking over with thoughts,conjection and many discussions on social media.

Also an unknown is how they plan to make the series available outside the USA. Although many European TV companies immediately launched into action to try and be “The,” distributor for their particular country. 

Also at the end of 2015 a promo video was released for the next movie. This promptly made social media once again become a fever pitch of differing view points. Some saw the clip as realisation of their worst fears, “They’ve made fast and furious in space!, there’s even a f****** motorbike doing a jump!” Was one of many comments that I saw. Many held out little hope for the film, which prompted the director and writer to take to the air waves and try to alleviate people’s fears.

The one thing that did jump out at me in the clip was the fact that the Enterprise is apparently destroyed. This I have to admit I was dismayed to see. Sure the flagship of the Federation has been destroyed in movies before. What I was shocked at, was the fact that they included it in the trailer. Something as major as that, I felt sure would have been best left for us to see in the cinema. Not going into the film knowing its demise is inevitable. Still at least Deanna wasn’t flying this time. 

2016 is also the 50th anniversary of our beloved franchise. Having spawned a plethora of tv,films,books,games and cos players. It’s still going strong. Alas we have sadly lost some favourite actors during 2015, including my particular favourite the awesome Leonard Nimoy. His portrayal of Spock was the thing that hooked me into Star Trek, along with the utopian view and the fact that the persecuted would be freed. 

The clamour for tickets for Vegas, despite the obvious and blatant exploitation that creation are undertaking (they make the Ferengi look generous), bodes well for the future of the fan base. Which in turn bodes well for the future of the franchise, the box office returns of the last two films, $385.7 million and $467.4 million worldwide, means paramount has no hesitation in planning for a fourth film in the new universe, before the third has hit the screens. This and the new series means we have plenty to be hopeful for in regards the future. 

As for Trek News and Views, well when I started the podcast way back way, after nurturing the idea for a good 6 months, it was a very uncrowned market place. Now you can’t shake an IPod with hitting a Star Trek podcast. For example when Chris owner and the man in the big chair as Trek.fm asked me to join, there was only the Ready Room, which I see as TNVs cultured and less chaotic big brother. As well as the hyper channel, while Chris mulled various other ideas in his head. Whereas now Trek Fm has 22 podcasts in its feed, of which I’m glad to say I created 3. 

Podcasting is something I enjoy and although due to ill health I no longer have an active podcast, I still enjoy appearing on other peoples shows. The Lou Trek Show have been very active is inviting me on and I do enjoy podcasting with Lou and   James. http://www.trekmate.org.uk/category/the-battle-bridge/

The Battle Bridge is also part of another network where I have made guest appearances on a variety of shows, the Trekmate network.

Along with Trekmate,Trek fm and other friends in podcasting such as The Gatecast Podcast http://gatecast.co.uk and the awesome Treknologic http://www.treknologic.com, the Scifi Diner podcast & The Babylon Project  I’ve been blessed with both friendship and podcasting opportunities. 

These oppourtunities manifested in 2014 with Frak Stars thanks to HoloSuite Media, http://holosuitemedia.com/home/frakstars/ 

So I was able to keep my hand in so to speak, while my co hosts made it easy to have time of for various medical reasons as and when needed, of course Steve is a Borg and Drogyn never appears to take off his racing helmet, but it’s part of the charm. 

But I digress and also I’m waffling a bit. 2016 is a year I’m hoping will be a good one, free from death and other soul sapping instances. One of joy and fun and opportunity, one where this blog will be more active and one where I hope to return to Star Trek podcasting, my head is still full of ideas and thoughts. 

So here’s to 2016 and may the wind be at your backs. 


5 thoughts on “2016 

  1. When it comes to Star Trek, it seems like Paramount/CBS has been ambivalent on how to proceed with the franchise. Clearly, they want to exploit Star Trek for as much profit as possible but they don’t seem to have a coherent strategy like we see with the Marvel universe or the Star Wars universe via Disney. I’d love to see the ‘powers that be’ embrace Star Trek in a way that services the fanbase. Disney should be the model in how they have provided a treasure trove of new material across multiple media platforms to satiate Star Wars fans. Imagine if Paramount/CBS would pursue this strategy! Also, I was really disappointed to see Paramount/CBS initiate legal action against the Axanar fan film project. I hope it gets resolved where there are clearly defined rules on how fan films can operate to avoid this kind of imbroglio in the future.

    • I know of people who are dismayed with Axanar and how they kept asking for more and more money, they see them in a similar light to paramount and so agree with the law suit. Personally I’m amazed paramount let so many fan productions proceed, then get all upset when a fan production takes an angle they hadn’t thought of. It smacks of double standards.
      We had a big discussion on a recent podcast (off air), about what Star Trek would be like if Disney had brought it instead of Star Wars. Most thought it would have done the franchise a good turn. Not to mention the amount of merchandise we would be able to buy 🙂

      • Full disclosure here, I have contributed to Axanar on three separate occasions. I have also supported Star Trek: Renegades and Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. The reason I sent my hard earned money to these productions is due to my desire for more quality Star Trek. I went into severe Star Trek withdrawal after Enterprise ended in 2005. I loved the JJVerse reboot film, Star Trek and I liked Into Darkness. I am hopefully optimistic that Star Trek Beyond will be a worthy addition to the franchise. Yet, I believe that Star Trek belongs on the small screen, as an episodic series. So I am happy to see that CBS will return Star Trek to that milieu as a streaming series. This is where Star Trek can dig deeply into exploring the human condition, ethics, morality, etc., mixed in with a sense of character interaction and humor. The problem with Star Trek movies is the requirement that it be a Cosmos shattering plot where Earth is threatened with destruction which requires the direct intervention of the Enterprise because no other Starfleet ships are ever available. It can be pulled off but it is difficult to keep returning to that well. Star Trek II was brilliant thanks to it being a sequel to “Space Seed” which drew in the old school fans but it was also accessible to newbies because it was such a well-written and acted story. Star Trek IV gave us a nice twist on the threatened Earth plot by traveling back to contemporary Earth with added appropriate humor. Star Trek VI gave us a well-considered allegory on the fall of the Soviet Union and facing our prejudices. First Contact was a sequel to the TNG Borg episodes that again used time travel to save Earth but mixed in humor with the action. Star Trek 2009 blew up Vulcan and tried to take out Earth but it was a fun, alternative origin story for our heroes. So I look forward to seeing how Star Trek returns to that weekly morality tale heritage with the streaming format. I can also see the new Star Trek series using story arcs rather than stand alone episodes. It worked well on DS9 and I think it is a requirement now in a world of binge-watching. This brings me back to Axanar. As a historian, I loved the interview format of telling the story in Prelude to Axanar. I think there is a place for fan films and episodes in the Star Trek universe. I’d like to see Paramount/CBS provide clearly delineated guidelines on what fan projects can and can’t do. We see how well it has worked in the Star Wars universe. Surely Star Trek deserves the same level of professionalism and respect. Sorry for rambling on but I love this subject matter! LLAP!

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