So yesterday I stepped down as an active host on +  

Trek.fm. I haven’t put a podcast out in a while as I’m not in a position to be able to. To be honest it was a wrench doing it. I’ve been in podcasting for 7 years. I was one of the few Trek podcasts at the beginning and one of an even smaller band of British Trek podcasters. Sure I’ve done other casts, history, Babylon 5,stargate and Battle Star galactica. But I had the most fun in Trek. Trek fm and Star Trek podcasting has helped me make friends around the globe. I’m humbled and honoured to know I have inspired others to podcast and that Podcatchers now have Star Trek podcasts on them, by people who took it up when they heard me. Although how an anarchic chaotic English guy managed that baffles me. I mean have you listened to Trek News & Views!The only podcast I do now is Battle Star galactica on HoloSuite network. The only reason I can do this is because all I have to do is talk, which I’m good at. Others do the editing/pictures/synopsis and so on. 

But I’ll always support Trek podcasters and Trek fm. If anyone gets an offer to join the team take it. It’s a family of like minded people. They’re my friends who have shared many things with me and although some are closer than others, I love being part of the whole. They’re ok for a bunch of Muricans . 

Never say never and I have guest invitations for other Trek shows, so I’ll still be around. Plus “live long and podcast” will pop up in feedback here and there. But I know I’m going to miss it & being part of something huge. I felt very sad writing that good bye message , & I don’t normally share my emotions. But I had to face reality. 

So podcaster with mic and a phenomenal English accent will be coming to a feedback section near you soon. Check out Treknologic feedback show if you want to know what I mean.



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