4 pictures 4 favs

i was nominated into this latest trend by my good friend Lorrie. 

Basically you have to pick four still scenes from four movies that you are fond off or are you favourites.

In my case I picked four I’m fond off but as Twitter limits you to 140 characters, I thought I’d take the opportunity to expand on them here, an indulgence I know.

Blade Runner;

The first time I saw this film I was blown away. I now own the limited edition tin box set with four versions of the movie in. Harrison Ford didn’t want to make it but had to due to his studio contract, by his own admission Ridley Scott was a screamer in them days. The combination was enough to make Ford hate every minute of the shoot. However it has a cult following and some brilliant dialogue. In the scene above Rutger (playing Roy)says “time to die.” After teaching Fords character (Deckard)a lesson in living in fear. 

Star Trek “The Wrath of Khan.”

I love this movie, it’s a classic. The acting,the story, everything is pure brilliance. This scene, Spocks death. Is a truly powerful & emotional scene. It’s constantly listed as a fan favourite & truly shows the acting chops of all involved. Even the JJ verse attempt to blatantly copy it cannot diminish this powerful scene. Only a Vulcan cannot have an emotional response to it.

Blues Brothers.

Another cult classic but a film I love, this particular scene I can totally relate to. I went to a school where I was educated by nuns, this particular segment reminds me of Sister Elisabeth. She was a mean shot with a ruler I can tell you & just as bloody scary! So many great lines in this film and we get to see Chicago at 100mph.


When I first saw Alien I was fascinated by it. Sure I jumped at certain scenes, but the story & the concept hooked me. All to often in scifi humanity comes out top dog and is shown as the ultimate species. In Alien we see a highly evolved killing machine. The scene above “the burst scene.” Was one of them moments when you sit up in your chair and say “oh my god!”

From there on in the film just keeps ramping up. Love it.

Anyway that’s my brief explanation of my four pictures, four of many I hasten to add. Maybe you’ll get nominated soon. 


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