Happy 2015

So we have waved good bye to 2014 in every corner of the globe now. We enter 2015 the year of the hover board(we can hope), the year which brings us a Star Wars movie, elections in the UK and who knows what else. 2014 was a year that gave me sadness with the loss of loved ones and personal trails on medical issues. But it also saw me having laughs, making some new friends via social media and reevaluating friendships on many fronts. Some of which have ended but I can honestly say I tried. My podcasting carries on via various fronts although I have had to reevaluate that as well.
2015 starts with friends lost and new ones found. An operation in a weeks time (not looking forward to that, hospital food sucks). A sabbatical from producing podcasts although I’m booked to make a few guest appearances on other shows. Plus a determination to get back into some books I want to read, but of late can’t seem to find the time to do so.
I don’t make New Years resolutions, to me if your going to do something you’ll do it anyway, I’m told that a typical Aries trait. But I’m determined to fulfill two things this year and start the wheels turning to do so. I want to go to Las Vegas for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the con should be amazing, the visit the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area. I also want to find a new spark. So much happened in 2014 a lot of it negative that basically I feel jaded and worn out. If I could ask anything of 2015 it would be to grant me the serenity and fortitude to reignite the fire and dance in the flames, let its warmth flow over my body and soul and lead me in a direction that will birth a better me, in many ways.