Im Back

Well i have had my summer break and so now we continue into the nest half of the year and the inevitable Christmas rush.
This coming week we have Star Trek Vegas,which i so wish i could go to but can’t, but hey what can you do.
I am sure that Vegas will be an awesome con and one day i hope to get there, alas this year it was not to be.
Other things in my life conspired against me and it was not going to happen but we live in hope for next year.
As regards Star Trek in general i missed Trekology due to my break, but man did i need it to put things into perspective. I have some new thoughts in my head that i am fleshing out for new Trek podcasts and am doing the research for them,so hopefully one of them will launch in August/September. But that is contingent on Deck Eight Being self sustaining, that at the moment is moving in that direction and hopefully will come to fruition soon.
I am also hoping to write some new articles and post them here in due course. The last one on the Iconians went over ok, wasn’t published anywhere else but thanks to you guys it was well received here. As was the Into Darkness blog.
i enjoyed writing them and although my writing may not be up to much it was enjoyable to let the imagination run wild.
So onwards to the second half of the year and all the twitter feeds and so on that well ensue after the con. I am hoping the second half of the year will be a lot better than the 1st.