Trek family

Over the past month or so two Startrek podcast networks have massively expanded. Firstly the one I’m affiliated with They have added, To The Journey, Commentary; Trek Stars and The observation lounge to the network. This brings the total number of podcasts to 10.
Meanwhile on Trekmate they have added my friends from Delta Quadrant and The Loutrek Show, while also launching Holodeck and adding new writers to the roster. This brings the total number of podcasts to 9.
Adding American podcasts to the roll taking the podcasters who involved in Trekmate to three continents. With Europe (Britain being within that geographically), Australia and now America of course. by comparison has podcasters in America,Japan and Britain again three continents. I think the fact that all these people around the workd can be intertwined and working together is truly a testament to the power of Startrek and it’s phenomenal reach. Obviously the main difference between to two is Trekmate is predominately British, while is predominantly American in regards to the hosts and those that appear on the shows.
But you do have wonderful cross pollination as well, today I will be recording Trek News & Views ( with Paul from Previously Alpha (Trekmate). In the past I have been on Delta Quadrant and The Lou Trek Show both now on Trekmate. I have also made a appearance on The Ready Room (, whilst people from non affiliated podcasts like Dork Trek,improvised Startrek,Treknologic,Scifi diner and so on have appeared on various casts on both networks. All sharing a joy of podcasting and a love of a certain scientific program Startrek.
From the listeners point of view this is wonderful. They now have a wide variety of podcasts to choose from which are mostly Trek related all easily accessible from two main sites. I often wonder if the 1st Voyager podcast had stayed the course where they would be now,I imagine they’d be like the Gamma Podcast now,nearing the end and being in sight of the goal of completing the task they set themselves. Hopefully Delta will prevail in that Respect and I can pat JD and Matt on the back and find them a comfy chair.
It’s a wonderful gathering of minds, a few months ago whilst listening to Trekcast David commented in how before they had the year off there was a few Startrek podcasts. Now ITunes and the Internet is full of them,in many shapes and sizes. We are certainly spoilt for choice what ever your flavour in Trek you have more than a few to wet your appetite.
So now what, what of the future, what plans. Well from a personal view point I am currently involved with Trek News and Views,Deck Eight,Red Shirt Army and Scifi Diner. In the near future I will hand over Deck Eight to Tom,Aaron,Shervin and Dee and let them run it. Whilst continuing with the other three. Trek news will slowly evolve to incorporate more news with a dedicated STO section and will alternate the full discussion program’s. I also want to do all the movies, hopefully keeping the same panel for all of them, while finishing the season favourites which have been on hiatus.
I have an idea for a new podcast which I am pondering doing and have been looking at Libsyn as a possible host site. I would like to find one that uploads quickly and downloads just as quick, people hate waiting to download.
All in all a few more things in the pipeline and as the others are doing well, something I hope to soon be able to turn my attention to. Who knows maybe i will pop up on a few other podcasts in the future. I will of course continue to support as many as I can, in any way I can.


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