Deck Eight 16

Deck eight 16

(Colin) now before we get into the news we have some changes to announce which i hope will enhance and freshen up your listening experience, we are going to shake up and over haul the show so you’ll be hearing a few more voices but you will also be getting a new feel from us.
So to the changes first off the news;
Let me introduce two familar voices to you first off Tom from Whales (Tom intro).
Next up another familiar voice Dee from England ( dee intro)

From next week Dee and Tom will be doing the news segment on there own, so any news items that we come across will be brought to you by Dee and Tom.

Next up allow me introduce Shervin (Shervin intro) and welcome back to the show Aaron (Aaron intro) now these two will bring you mission reviews be it foundry and holodeck based. They will run the mission either together solo or with friends and then report back with there thoughts, feelings and a score from 1-10 on the mission. We hope to bring you at least one review a week. This may involve either player or both, hopefully we can also give you some tips along the way.

Finally we will be adding the “Deck Eight help box”. Seeing as Cryptic is loaded up with boxes we will add our own. In this section I will bring you feedback on ships,weapons,accolades,consoles,fleets basically lots of different game facets.

So that’ll be the new line up, we would appreciate any and all feedback via twitter or email or the website and here us all the contact detail for the team( play new contact details)

So just this week we will get into the news and discuss it before the change next week.

( Dee)
First up From today until server maintenance during the morning (Pacific time) of Thursday, November 15, 2012, every Reinforcements Duty Officer Pack you open will also include either 10 Lobi Crystals or a Jem’Hadar Attack Ship!, If you missed unlocking one of these vessels during last year’s Winter Event or the previous Duty Officer promotion, here’s your chance at owning one of the most sought-after ships.The odds of winning the Jem’Hadar Attack Ship are rare but have been normalized based on the price of the Reinforcements Duty Officer Pack (275 ZEN) when compared to the Winter Packages (125 ZEN)
Each Reinforcements Duty Officer Pack will include:

4 Common or Better Duty Officers
2 Uncommon or Better Duty Officers
1 Rare or Better Duty Officer
A Bonus Item!*
In addition to any Duty Officers you receive, you will also get one (1) of the following special bonus prizes:

A stack of Gamma Quadrant commodities
A stack of Gamma Quadrant consumable devices
An Alien Artifact (available in both “Powered” and “Unpowered” versions)
A random Mk XII Very Rare Console
or the jackpot prize… a Tuffli Class Freighter Ship Pack
NOTE: With the above promotion running, it is possible to win the Tuffli and the Jem’Hadar Attack Ship from the same pack

Jem’Hadar Attack Ship Details

The Jem’Hadar Attack Ship is a small starship, similar to an Escort or Destroyer. The staple ship of the Dominion fleet, these ships were used with deadly effect during the Dominion War. Small, fast and maneuverable, the Jem’Hadar Attack Ship packs a punch that is larger than expected for a ship of its size.

Requires: Vice Admiral or Lt. General rank
Hull Strength: 34,500
Shield Modifier: 1
Crew: 50
Weapons: 4 Fore, 3 Aft
Device Slots: 2
Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Commander Tactical, 1 Ensign Engineering, 2 Lieutenant Universal
Console Modifications: 5 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 1 Science
Base Turn Rate: 20 degrees per second
Impulse Modifier: 0.22
+15 Power to Weapons
Can Load Cannons

State of the game

(Colin) now Dstahl has released the latest state of the game and there is a segment I wanted to highlight

“Designed for max-level captains of both the Federation or Klingon Empire
Zone challenges balanced for captains plus one away team member
Earn Reputation tier to unlock full away-team missions to help uncover the planet’s troubled past
Area events provide quick Reputation gains for cooperative groups
Obtain new special rewards and gear sets as a benefit for aiding the people of New Romulus
Whether captains help out on the planet surface or in the surrounding sector, many new repeatable missions will allow captains to gain favor with the people of New Romulus and tactical advantages their friendship would provide.

This represents the largest planetary zone the STO team has ever built and introduces open questing where all positive actions taken in the zone increase favor gained with the area’s quest giver. This allows for repeatable missions where captains can decide how they want to help instead of traditional “kill 10” or “collect 100” quests. This new type of open mission applies both to the planet as well as the surrounding sector.

We wanted the Romulans to be the focus of this season because New Romulus will also play an important role in Season 8. Perceptive captains may even notice the city begin to grow and take shape over the course of the season. It is important that captains participate in all the challenges that exist on New Romulus and take an active role in discovering the history of this planet. By doing so, they will unravel a mystery that will advance the story of STO to the next chapter and set the stage for a future Feature Episode series and future seasons.”

(Dee) also in this post DSthal highlighted that ” Coming up in December, Q will be reintroducing the Winter Event with some new rewards and activities that he’s cooked up for captains. As we move into the New Year, we will start to give some sneak-peeks related to our 3rd Anniversary Event scheduled to launch in early February. As an early teaser, this year’s anniversary will have its own special Feature Episode and reward, so stay tuned for more info on that.

After the big event in February, we will begin to share some of the exciting details about Season 8 and how it will begin to resolve some of the long standing issues surrounding the two factions within the game.”

( Tom)

The next special feature for your Starbase is, “Welcome Guests”. Fleet starbases are just as much important hubs for official matters as they are social centers where fellow fleetmates can unwind from their daily duties. Federation and Klingon fleet starbases have also been receiving special visitors who have taken interest in the relaxing atmosphere and the entertainment opportunities.

Upon completion of this special project, your starbase’s interior will see increased population. Klingons will get a visit from Morn and dancing girls, while members of Starfleet will be visited by Morn and Latinum traders. This special project will be available around 10AM PDT on November 1, 2012, until around 10AM PDT on November 15, 2012.


Salt vampires are here! From TOS to Startrek online they have arrived so stock up on salt cubes and head down to the new mission.
In the 20-captain Mine Trap event, players will team up and attempt to save a Romulan mining colony from its impending annihilation. To do so, they must neutralize the threat, save as much of the colony as possible, and evacuate its civilians. Any Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General can participate in this cross-faction event and rewards are based on how many objectives are completed, including how much of the colony and population is saved.

Along with earning Fleet Marks, players will also be awarded with Romulan Marks – these are used in the Reputation System that we provided an overview for in this Dev Blog.

To participate, use the PvE Queue to join either a public or private queue. Mine Trap is a ground event that is always available, but if you play during certain hourly events (calendar updates to be announced at a later date), you will earn even more rewards.

(Colin) wrap up and finish


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