Well it’s been a few weeks since Star Trek London finished,so people have post con blues still, others a hankering to go to Vegas next year and some crossing fingers and toes and hoping Startrek London returns. But how many will go back?.
The biggest gripe was the much touted but non existent virtual queuing system, plus the fact that the merchandise prices where severely overpriced. If they can sort out them two little details it may make a massive difference. That said the very fact it left a sour note with some people may make them think twice.
The other overriding factor is the guests. This year we had five captains and some stellar stars to boot. Next year will they be able to repeat the same?
I for one would love to see Robert Picardo, Robert Duncan McNiell and Linda Park to name a few.
Other people will obviously have favourites or just people they want to see. I do know from a personal view point I won’t buy a Gold ticket again, the perks it garnered where insufficient and the goodie bag dire.
So thoughts turn to Vegas for some and what lies in store over there. You hear good and bad things from both sides. Some think creation has to much control , the con is to sterile and so on. Others think that it’s a wonderfully well run con and everything is very well organised, I guess only time will tell.
Those that went to London will have a nice comparison if they also go to Vegas .
For now I return to my world of podcasting knowing that I have made new friends,new contacts and who knows what the future will bring. I do know I have some good memories, shame it rained most of the weekend though, but hey it is Britain .


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