Star Trek London Memories

This time last week (today is the 26th October), i was in London in the depths of running around like the proverbial Chicken on the first day of Startrek London.
The well planned out Journey down met with the inevitable delay and i eventually arrived at the Event nearly an hour late. consequentially instead of heading for the hotel i had to go straight to the Excel and set up for the opening and get my press badge.
Then we hit the next snag, yes i got my press badge yes i got my fan zone badge but i had no banner, the Welsh wizard had gone for a jog!. That said i laid out the flyers both my own for Trek News and Views and, but also the third party flyers i had been asked to lay out for other people.Eventually the banner and the business cards arrived and we finished setting up. Then began the press junket, this involved a photo shoot, then the video people got to wade in followed by the approved writers from newspapers and magazines e.t.c. Then we thought it would be the bloggers but no this was not to be. i then approached the press officers and asked when we would get our turn. i was informed that they would sort it and just wait till the photo ops where over. So i returned the the photo section and snapped away.

The stars where fantastic and very accommodating, posing this way and that amid a flurry of flashes and with people standing on steps,stools and so on. they wheeled them out introduced them and away went the cameras again, in quick succession we went from William Shatner to Avery Brooks and so on. Out Came Connor,then John De Lancie then Rene and so on. I was rapidly switching between my phone camera and Toms high end camera in order to get my own collection of photos.
What i was seriously impressed with was the Trekkie Girls, they where nothing short of awesome. Carol and Sam worked together perfectly with the assistance of the Video camera guy they where using and high end recording equipment the girls got to talk to people and gain access that others envied.

As the Stars retired to the press area we managed to grab a few moments with them Cirroc, Michael Dorn and So on happily posed for photos in there, which i have tweeted. While also freely shooting the breeze. although no recording and so on was allowed in there, i did manage to get some sound bites from John De Lancie which i have inserted into the podcast (episode 51) and the over all impression i gained of the stars was impressive less so the organisation. Mr Q aimlessly looking for his handler and where he was supposed to go next, Rene asking about how he would be taken to his hotel and not getting the required answer all added to the mix.
But onto the rest of the Day i wandered over to the Bloggers lounge an area that was designated for us, the Trekkie Girls and Trekmate. I said hello to everyone although apparently i neglected to say hi to Wayne for which i have apologized, then went back to our table to talk to Tom. Over the Course of the weekend i actually seldom used the bloggers lounge when your relegated to a side line you kinda think why me? So instead i opted for the press lounge and did all my blogging and note writing in there. Which turned out to be benefical because i got to know the girls in there very well as well as the other members of the press corps. Exchanges of cards,email addresses and so on followed.
so to the Venue the Klingon zone was impressive it had a large Statue at the entrance of a warrior, a throne,the Klingon symbol and flames affects all very well done. This was located on the left hand side of the venue as you entered.

there was vendors and so on dotted around some reasonable some unreasonable as mentioned in previous blog posts, there was also the stunt show,the tos bridge photo shoot which i did not so as i have already got that picture from Florida.the free talk stage, the autograph area and the photo shoot area as well as the main stage where the captains talks took place.
On the night was had the klingon party and there i met and chatted with a few more stars and had some good laughs with them.

Alas again the pricing popped up a small and i do mean small bottle of beer was £4.50 and a pie was £5.10 lots of people voiced the disgust at this blatant rip off in the pricing stakes.
Still day one finished and i went back to my hotel and collapsed after answering a few messages on my phone.

Day two saw me getting my first Captains talk which was Scott Bakula, Tom minded the Store for a bit and i went to the show. Scott was great a wonderful talk a suitable amount of gushing from fans and a very entertaining person.

This was also the day that i spent 15 minutes having a general chit chat with Chirroc and JG, while also getting Matt his little present. I also met Tanya and Jade today as well as Midnight Shadow,Dave,Dan,Sirus and so on it was wonderful to meet all these people from Startrek Online and Listeners to Trek News and Views as well as Deck Eight Fans as we ll as getting my own little lock box which made my day no end.

Then on the night we had the Federation party i had a lot of fun at this one sharing a taxi ride with two would be serial killers who are now twitter friends,

as you can see a wide variety of posts, this was also where i got to talk to Ira for Mike from Commentary track stars it was a far better party than the previous one, more people more acts and a wider variety although the drinks where still expensive, but being for warned i brought my own this time.i also spent time with Tom, Jon,Vesta and her hubby and Jade was in the there somewhere.

Sunday i was a fan and got to get some Autographs photo shoots and the remaining talks done, which o cover in the podcast so won’t double up on here, i also got the meet more people made some more friends who we now follow on twitter, as well as bumping into people from the previous parties and so on. Sunday was my fan day and it was a great day i also got Lorrie her present on Sunday. So came the last talk Kate mulgrew and she was brilliant again i cover it in the podcast but i do feel she gave one of the best talks.
So as the doors closed and the shutter came down it all drew to and end and we have spent the remianing week on twitter thinking about it.
But there is always next time and of course Vegas! for now listen to podcast 51 for more thoughts and insights and thank you for reading.


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