Day two part two

Day two
The day turned into something significantly better as it wore on, I got to meet a whole host of people from twitter and have met about 40-50 people who listen to the cast, I’ve made new friends spent 15 minutes shooting the breeze with Cirroc and JG, got bumpers and a personal message for Mike from commentary track stars and spent the evening listening to Avery Brooks, Chase,Anthony and so on entertain us. I still circulated the venue engaging with fans talking to people at the convention to get thoughts and feedback and found that very engaging. After all without the fans non of this would exist. The organisation has some holes though, for example some of the VIP ticket holders had no seat for the captains party. Not something that should happen to people who have paid three thousand pound. Also there have been some “hissy” fits thrown by people who cannot get there own way.
But to me it was all about the fans, I was particularly touched by how brilliant everyone has been, Jade waited by my stand just to see me. Tan came to fund me and Dan brought me a goodie bag to say thanks for everything I do, that had me smiling like a madman.
At the evening party I saw Jon,Tom and Vesta whose husband seemed to have been relegated to pack horse and I again got chance to just talk to Ira and Anthony while Avery was playing, how surreal was that!
So today we begin day three and today I’m a fan so with that in mind I’m off to queue up for Avery and his talk.


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