Day three

Day three
The queues are horrendous today, the virtual queue system seems to have been abandoned completely in relation to some photo sessions with people getting in who are number 47 or higher while those with low numbers look on with puzzled faces.
The merchandise prices are ridiculous there is a vendor who set up shop on Friday selling Star Trek mugs at £10 a go 4 for £30. Today the same vendor is selling them at £25 each!
The official Startrek London t shirt is £30 and comprises of simply a black t shirt with the Startrek London logo on it, some t shirt vendors are great. The official CBS one for instance is retailing some great high quality merchandise at a variety of prices. You can also buy books pictures and so on at a few different vendors, there are models available some great sculptures which will be auctioned. Then there is the museum which has a variety of items from the Porthos picture I tweeted to uniforms, weapons and so on.
The main stage has a sufficiently big screen to enable people from the very back to see the actors doing the talks, the autograph sections are well orchestrated there are cafes either end of the hall, one is certainly a wonderful incarnation of Klingon with a throne, artificial flames and so on.

When I get home I will certainly write an indepth blog and not this little nugget, but me being me I wanted to keep everyone up to date. I guess when Vesta tweeted this morning that I wouldn’t last more than two hours without working the fact I lasted 80 minutes was close. What can I say.


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