Star Trek London thus far on day two

Day two thus far.
After getting some sleep last night I felt a lot better for the day to come, it was with renewed optimism that I entered into the second day. Hopefully I thought today will be a better day. I mean what could go wrong today. I had resigned myself to the fact that the so called bloggers lounge would not be a place to work, so instead I elected to use the press lounge instead, arguably better from my perspective as it enabled me to also use power blocks. I also would not need to ask for a key, that is supposedly shared. The press side of things is something that has not been as good as I would hope, again you can’t get any help and so I’ve been going it alone again. Today I took a different route and interacted with the fans, talking to them about the convention meet up with people who up until now I have only known from twitter it’s been a revelation in that respect and I think that’s what cons are about.
You can meet the stars get the photo or autograph have a mingle, but the big thing is the fans, the big thing is greeting those who share a common interest or in some cases a common passion. It’s interacting with this people and getting the feel for what Star Trek means to them. This is what a con is a meeting of minds. A coming together of people with a shared passion and interests, a room full of thousands of people who like what you like. This is the best thing about the con . Some of the costumes are brilliant, some not so, but I does not matter to them. You see to them it’s fun, to them it means something and that is the true power if Startrek a meaning a sense of purpose. At this convention people from all round the world are meeting up and greeting together and finding somewhere they belong. The celebs are just the cherry on top.


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