Star Trek London day one

The opening of the convention to the press was a well orchestrated event, the fans seem to be happy enough and the air of expectation that was weighing heavily on the convention organisers seems to have disappeared .
That said there are some down points, firstly the organisation left something to be desired in relation to who was looking after who. At one point after talking to John De Lancie, I saw him wandering around the room looking for his handler. This does not instil confidence in the organisers, also what appeared to be a free for all in relation to some of the celebrities and the interviews.
Ushered down the lie like cattle each interviewer was granted a few minutes with each celebratory . I also found it interesting that some of the press pack has no idea who they had in front of the lens, in numerous occasions I had press people saying to me “who is that?’ Once they realised I knew who the celebs where I then had to convey to a French reporter and a German one who each person was as they came along the line. I did find that quite interesting,
I was met with abject disappointment at the way that it was fundamentally difficult to find anything out. There seems to be a lack if staff at the venue and in relation to certain basics. There is no lost property co ordination and it seems to be the case that if you want to find anything walk around until you can see a relevant board or pay £10 for a program.
Which brings me neatly to my next gripe. Trek news and views in the official program is a two line entry in two sections and that’s it. Despite months of helping to promote this vent via the podcast I feel humiliated by the treatment I have received. I have constantly exchanged email with them , but it transpires that for some reason I cannot fathom they where under the impression I was part of Trekmate not
To this end I’m very dejected, as much as I can do on my own as I write this blog I have been on the go for 12 hours, I haven’t eaten and have had little to drink. The wonderful coming together of trek podcasts and minds that was tweeted for so long has not transpired, plus as keen as Tom is I am networking and trying to grab interviews photos and sound bites alone. I’m tired hungry, I have a headache and am not enjoying it at all.
As it stands if this event ran next year I for one would not be keen to come at all. Sitting here alone in a bean bag in the press lounge I can say that hand on heart.
Hopefully day two will bring some improvement. The opening ceremony starts in 5 minutes so ill try and grab something to eat after that.


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