Deck eight Ep 10

Deck eight ep10

Email and feedback read by Tom
How to have a good hull (Colin)
First things first, if your a Tac your squishy so unless your a tac in a cruiser an Escort by its very nature is squishy. Your not designed to hang in a firefight like an Engineer in a cruiser. So you have to factor that in when picking your trait. A tac is designed for high DPS. The ideal way to play a tac is hit hard and fast and don’t hang around. If you can partner an Engineer or a sci they can be used to keep you alive while you do the DPS.
That said you can boost your hull with skill points.
1) structural integrity , this is a Tier 2 Engineering skill available to all Starfleet and KDF Lieutenant Commanders. Each increment of this skill costs 1,500 skillpoints.This skill increases the hit points of your vessel’s hull. Each point spent increases how much hull damage your vessel can sustain before it is destroyed
2) Starship Hull Repair is a Tier 1 Engineering skill available to all Starfleet and KDF Lieutenants. Each increment of this skill costs 1,000 skillpoints.
This skill improves the passive hull regeneration rate of all Starships and related hull repair abilities.
Now beyond this you run into problems you see the slots on an Escort are focused on boosting damage so high end engineer skills are not available to you even if you train your officers in them.
For instance
Starship Hull Plating is a Tier 4 Engineering skill it costs 2500 skill points per increment. It improves your Starship’s resistance to Energy damage – for instance, the damage from beam, cannon and turret weapons.
Starship Armor Reinforcements, Admiral (Tier 5)
This skill improves your Starship’s Damage Resistance to Kinetic and Physical damage it costs 3000 skill points and reduces- for example the damage from torpedoes, mines, and other large explosions. The higher your Damage Resistance, the less damage you will take from an attack.
That said you can also help yourself with armour. Don’t carry one armour, if your going up against the Romulans have armour on that is resistant to plasma same as the Borg. The mirror universe needs anti phaser armour, Klingons anti disrupter armour and so on. Know your enemy and be prepared.

Deck Eight ep9

Deck 8 ep9

Opening chat and intro
News (1) Tom to read.


From Thursday, September 6th, STO players who have joined Raptr and linked their Facebook account will begin earning awesome in-game rewards as they move through the Raptr ranks.

Raptr Rewards
Players ranked ‘Newbie’ or above will earn the Holodeck Bundle for one of their characters. It contains:
Consumable item that grants 2,500 EXP
Pack of 5000 Raw Dilithium
Random Rare ‘Purple’ tiered weapon (space or ground)
Pack of random ‘self’ dual consumables
Pack of random ‘team’ dual consumables
Players ranked ‘Experienced’ or above will earn the Captain’s Critter pet for all existing and future characters – this pet is an exclusive non-combat Mugato named “Gumato”.
New items (2) Colin

The Lobi Crystal Consortium (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quark Enterprises) has announced that they are no longer going to be offering the Tholian Lock Box as in-game drops and rewards as of Thursday, September 20th, around 10am PDT. Which basically means a new in game promotion is coming.
News items (3) Colin
The next special feature for your upcoming starbase is, “History and Movement”. While the Federation has been moving steadily into the future, they’ve always found it important to stop and take a look at the past, remembering the important events along the way that lead them to where they are today. Klingons also find great honor in their advances and celebrate with glorious banners and symbols of the Empire.
Upon completion of this special project, your starbase’s interior decoration will be improved. Klingons will hang banners and upgrade the transporter area, while members of Starfleet will acquire panels depicting the history of the Enterprise. This special project will be available around 10AM PDT on September 6, 2012, until around 10AM PDT on September 20, 2012.
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