Deck Eight Ep 8

Deck Eight ep8

Opening chat reflection on Zen bonus sale


Answer to a tweet from Julian ( not Bashir) ” how do you put the cast together and what does it entail i’ve always been curious”


More Feedback from twitter and email


Twitter feedback congrats and love the show from Midnightshadow7.


AdmiralAaron has commented on how he likes the show ( have to get him back on)


The STO collective have been retweeting and spreading the word so thanks to them and we have an email which Tom will now read.

Hidden Accolades



Klingon Front;



1) Mining Survey (earned from) “Stranded in Space”(earned by) Fly Through the Hole in the Large Asteroid Go through large asteroid at beginning of rescue mission (accolade points) 25
2) Name the Stakes (mission)“Researcher Rescue” (earned by) Scan Kassae II Scan the planet at the beginning of the mission(pts) 25
3) Fire Suppressor(mission) “Researcher Rescue”(earned by) Extinguish all the fires on the Kassae Station (accolade points) 25

4) Cleaning up Their Mess (mission)“Researcher Rescue” (earned by) Check the Gorn Victim on Kassae IV Scan the dead body in the middle of the room of where the boss is. (accolade points) 25

5) Rise and Shine. (mission)“The Kuvah’Magh” (earned by) Revive Injured Colonists on Regulus IV (7 in all) Heal all the injured colonists(accolade points) 50
6) Lending a Helping Scan (mission)“War is Good for Business”(earned by) Scan the Other Federation Ship in the Nebula Scan the second Federation ship at the beginning of the mission(accolade points) 25

7)Getting to the Route of Things (mission)“War is Good for Business” (earned by) Scan the Starbase Navigational Beacons Scan the satellite near Starbase 114 (accolade points) 25

8) Airing Dirty Laundry (mission)“War is Good for Business” (earned by) Scan the Crate in Storage Bay 4 Scan the Crate in Storage Bay 4. Jump to the crates lifted by the fork lift, or jump to the top of the crate directly to the left as you enter by using the smaller one to get on top of this one(accolade points) 25

9) Gold-Pressed Goodies (mission)“War is Good for Business” (earned by) Scan the Ferengi’s Stash Scan all the Ferengi’s stuff in ‘Raiding the Raiders’, on the desk in the room where you beat the Ferengi(accolade points) 25


Romulan Front;


1) Incarcerator (mission)“Frozen” (earned by) You have arrested a large number of the Reman resistance.
*Remans Arrested (40)(accolade points) 10
2) Follow the Yellow Cake Road (mission)“Saturday’s Child” (earned by) Scan the Final Asteroid in the Asteroid Belt The Asteroid is at end of the Belt in the first space portion “Keeping the Peace” (accolade points) 25
3) I’m Doing Well… Well Done (mission)“Saturday’s Child” (earned by) Stand in the Fire Urn Stand in the flaming urn near the chief at the end of the trail (accolade points)25
4) Making the Rounds (mission)“Hunting the Hunters” (earned by) Fly Through the Dust Trail Around the Planet Fly all the way around the full path of the dust trail which circles the planet(accolade points) 25
5) Hunting for Holograms (mission)“Hunting the Hunters” (earned by)Reconfigure the Holoemiters Reconfigure Holoemitters (optional) (4/4)(accolade points) 25
6)Always the Scanner, Never the Scanned(mission)“Ghost Ship” (earned by) Scan the Scanners You must scan the crates in the biggest room on the ship. (accolade points) 25
7) Once a Base, Always a Base (mission) “Ghost Ship” (earned by)Scan the Large Piece of Debris Scan the large round debris in the south end of the debris field(accolade points) 25
Cardassian Front;


1) Isn’t This All One Big Anomaly? (mission) “Rapier” (earned by) Scan an Anomaly in the Wormhole Scan an Anomaly in the Wormhole(accolade points) 25

2) Serving Up Some Liquid Courage (mission) “Rapier”(earned by) Stand at the bar on the USS Rapier Stand on the Bar(accolade points) 25

3) That’s a Negative Ghost Rider, the Pattern is Full (mission) “Rapier” (earned by) Buzz Deep Space 9’s Tower Fly by the tower once you exit the wormhole on the final part of the mission (accolade points)25

4) Scanned Ice Shelf (mission) “The Tribble with Klingons” (earned by) Scan the North Pole Fly to the top of the planet and scan it(accolade points) 25

5) Atop Tribble Mountain (mission) “The Tribble with Klingons” (earned by) Stand at the Highest Point Run to the highest point, left of the entrance to the lab(accolade points) 25


Federation Front;

1) Aggressive Diplomacy (mission) “Everything Old is New” (earned by) Engage and stun every Starfleet security team in 23rd century Drozana Station. Only available for KDF faction.(accolade points) 25

Borg Front;


Assimilated. (mission)“Khitomer Accord” (earned by) You have ventured deep into the inner workings of Borg. Perhaps you have seen too much… Step into the IMR. (accolade points) 25Borg Science Bridge Officer Candidate


Undine Front;


1) The Impossible (mission)“Assimilation (Undine Front)” (earned by) Gather information from the partially assimilated Undine Examine the partially assimilated Undine (8/8)(accolade points) 25




1) Starbase Security (earned by) Investigated the reports of sabotage on Starbase 114 in the Celes system.(accolade points) 0/


2) Cunning and Guile(earned by) Slip through Drozana Station in the 23rd century without engaging any Starfleet personnel in combat.(accolade points) 25


1) Dabo Dabbler Bet 1,000 credits at Dabo


2) Gambler Bet 10,000 credits at Dabo (accolade points) 25


3) High Roller Bet 100,000 credits at Dabo(accolade points) 50 “High Roller” title


4) Fortunate Win 1 Dabo (accolade points) 10


5) On a Roll Win 5 Dabos(accolade points) 25


6) Lucky Win 20 Dabos(accolade points) 50 “Lucky” title


7) Affluent Win 10,000 Latinum at Dabo (accolade points)10


8) Golden Win 100,000 Latinum at Dabo(accolade points) 25


9) Loaded Win 1,000,000 Latinum at Dabo(accolade points) 50 “Loaded” title


From time to time, special projects become available for fleets. With these special projects you can unlock new features to give your starbase more crew, more customization, and more recognizable features from Star Trek!

You must start the project before the end of the feature. Once you’ve started the project, though, you can keep working on it until it’s finished, even if the special event ends – but remember, you can only work on one special project at a time, so you’ll want to finish quickly to make sure that you can work on the next special feature!


The next special feature is, “All Work and Some Play”. The introduction of fleet starbases has brought fleets together to work towards a common goal But, while it is important to have somewhere to work, it is just as important to have somewhere to relax — a fleet starbase should be no different.


Upon completion of this special project, your starbase’s interior will undergo some structural changes. Klingons will see their operations area improved, while members of Starfleet will see an upgrade in the lounge area. This special project will be available around 10AM PDT on August 23, 2012, until around 10AM PDT on September 6, 2012.

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