Trek news and Views ep41


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from Star

He’s back. There’s just no keeping the irrepressible William Shatner – or his Priceline Negotiator — down. Even though Shatner’s once-ubiquitous Negotiator character seemed to perish earlier this year in a fiery explosion after heroically saving a tourist-filled bus, he’s apparently been living the life of… a surfer dude. Approached by a Priceline agent, the Negotiator touts the benefits of Priceline and acknowledges that he “still has it” and “will always have it.” Asked if he’ll resume his role as pitchman, the Negotiator, surfboard tucked under his arm, replies “We’ll see where the waves take me” and darts off toward the waves shouting, “Sayonara, brah!”

From think

What would Picard drink?

Being a starship captain is tough work. You have hundreds of lives depending on your leadership, your decisions, and your grace under fire (and under the ever-annoying presence of Q). When you need a moment to collect your thoughts, you don’t do it with a teabag stuffed with the brown dust that is the byproduct of real tea. No, Sir. You drink real, genuine Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

Star Trek has given their seal of approval for this official blend of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, just like Jean-Luc Picard would drink. Of course, you don’t have a replicator, so you’ll have to scoop out this blend of premium black tea with bergamot into your favorite looseleaf brewer. Start with water just off the boil for 2-3 minutes and you’ll have the perfect Captain’s tea: fresh, zesty, exhilarating, slightly dry to the nose, with a rounded and balanced orange rind flavor. You’ll be making those tough decisions in no time… or maybe after another cup…

Product Specifications

What would Picard drink? This, of course!

Brew it in your favorite looseleaf brewer

Steep in water just off the boil for 2-3 minutes

4 oz tin of looseleaf Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

Officially licensed Star Trek collectible

Cumberbatch talks taking on Trek
The UK’s Telegraph has an in-depth profile of Star Trek sequel actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
Did he ever doubt he would be able to sustain an acting career, I ask. ‘It sounds really arrogant but I don’t think I did, no,’ he says. ‘I’m not someone who’s naturally confident, I just knew no matter what it held for me, I was going to pursue it.’ There are still moments, he says, when his confidence falters. The first day he stepped on set of the new Star Trek film, joining an illustrious line of British stars who have played the villain in a Hollywood blockbuster, he had a momentary feeling of being out of his depth. ‘I didn’t know what I was going to do and I had very little time to establish the character in that franchise,’ he says.
The reason behind Cumberbatch having little time is that he was cast only a few weeks before production started.  Apparently he worked through it as all the feedback from the production has been about how Cumberbatch’s performance has been very well received by the producer’s and the studio.

A Star Trek fan is on a mission to restore one of the original sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Rescued from Paramount in late 2011, the fan is in the process of restoring the set and plans to make it open to the public when finished.

“Originally created by Gene Roddenberry, the design created by Herman Zimmerman and Michael Okuda for the Paramount TV series, this set was made to be durable, to go on display back in the late 90′s,” said the fan. “By the late 2008, it was forgotten about and was about to be destroyed! After nearly three years of negotiations, and one week before it was about to be permanently ‘decommissioned’ and put into the dumpster, I rescued it.

“I am in the process of completely restoring the set to its original splendor,” he said, “and mak[ing] it open to the public for meetings, movie showings, fundraisers, tours, filming, anything!”

The fan’s project is a “non-profit” mission. “Eventually, I will be doing a Kickstarter Campaign,” he explained, “but only after I have the estimates of restoration plus the support and Star Trek actors plus famous fans of the show.”


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