Deck Eight Ep5 rumours and flagships


Deck eight Ep 5

Patch notes

There was another patch during the week to fix a few minor things,

Most are nothing really major, but a few things caught my eye,


Added an additional bonus that will slowly bring “Dead” crewmen back to a “Disabled” state, allowing them to be slowly regenerated to “Active” even during combat

This was the original intend of the 2 piece bonus, but was not functioning correctly. In essence your crew will get back up, then someone just needs to heal them, or allow them to heal themselves. So no more having to run back to heal your away team.


Colony ground event:

The timer on the colonists your trying to rescue has been tweaked.

It should be somewhat easier to reach the last colonist before it dies. Which will make life a little bit easier.


the Starbase 20-player fleet defense:

They’ve change the parameters to keep the Starbase needed help within 100km, while also fixing the bug that made attacking ships move awkwardly.

Now they will correctly attack the freighters but will still move and fight.


Bridge Officers will now respond to Call for Help again. Always handy when your face down in the mud calling for help, it’s nice when your away team listen.

The rest is cosmetic costume changes and more of the foundry stuff has been re added making all you authors out there happy.

Next up there has been rumours flying round the forums that STO is in trouble. To nip these in the bud Mr Dan Stahl posted this in the forums.

Some rumor control…

Cryptic was sold because it was a profitable business and worth at least $50 million to Perfect World.

The STO leadership team is triaging bugs weekly to prioritize bug fixes to go out as soon as possible. After the Season 6 launch, it has been all hands on deck for the Foundry, which should be turned on for editing this week if all goes well.

We will be making some tweaks to the amount of Fleet Marks several missions reward so that the various PVE Queue Missions reward similarly. (this means bumping up some of the missions that reward on the lower side of the scale)

We are meeting regularly to review Fleet Progression and have and will continue to make adjustments to projects. In the near future we expect to drop the Fleet Mark requirements on higher tiers (T4 and T5)

STO is not dying by any means and continues to grow stronger. Just last month we took over as the top performing game for Perfect World in North America.

The STO development team continues to grow month over month and we still have several positions open.

As the team grows larger our Seasonal plans are getting larger. We expect Season 7 to be bigger than Season 6, and Season 8 to be bigger than Season 7. More content, more fixes, more updates across the board.

Our development efforts to improve PvP continue and while we aren’t discussing it and did suffer a setback with Gozer leaving, we are working towards a goal of having more efforts put into addressing this part of the game.

Season 6 brought with it several new video features from the Core Video Card team, some of which have been awesome, and some of which have caused some issues. We are working with that team (who in turn work with the Video Card makers) to get some fixes for odd glitches that crop up.

The Starbase Fleet Action map (20 man) does have performance issues. We have several people assigned to this specifically to address this and expect improvements over the upcoming month.

We haven’t forgetten about KDF, or PVP, or Crafting, or Exploration, or any other feature we’ve all talked about addressing. We are simply being more pragmatic about how fast we can get to specific features – but our intention is to absolutely get to all of them as fast as we can.

We do listen to feedback, and while we don’t always address every post, we certainly take note. As a F2P game, our business model is different, but the same hard working team will continue to develop STO into a bigger and better MMO year after year.

We are glad that players are enjoying Season 6. We realize there are some issues, but we also realize it has been great for Fleets and group game play. We expect that the second half of this year is going to be even better for STO than the first half was.

Thank you for continuing to support this game and for continuing to voice opinions. We hear them and are working behind the curtain to improve the game in every way.


Star base ships (read by Tom)

Next up a dev post has gone up telling you all you need to know about the ships of Startrek online in relation to the new starbases. Using colour codes to signify the Category I.E blue for science. It gives a complete layout of all the ships you can make, which will also enable you to decide if you should make it.

The link will be in the show notes which can be found at But here’s a few highlights.

(Colin reads)

The first things is they have clearly laid out what each ship category is, to avoid confusion. So here we go

Standard Ships – Standard ships are available in-game and have base stats. They can be purchased for Dilithium or acquired at no cost with a Rank-Up Ship Token.

C-Store Ships – Any ship you must purchase directly for ZEN. These ships have very good stats, and typically unlock a special costume option and come with a special ability. The special ability is usually on a console or a weapon that can be removed. Most lower Tier C-Store ship consoles can be moved to any ship. However, most Tier 5 C-Store ship consoles can only be used on the ship it came on OR on its Fleet counterpart. For instance, The Tier 5 Heavy Escort Carrier comes with a Torpedo Point Defense system console and the Armitage class costume. If you then acquire the Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier from the Fleet Shipyard, you can transfer the Torpedo Point Defense system console and the Armitage class costume to the Fleet version.

Refit Ships – A Refit is a ship that is better in some way than the original, but is in the same Tier as the original. For example, the Tier 2 Federation Science Vessel (Nova Class) has a better Refit variant, the Tier 2 Federation Science Vessel Refit (Rhode Island Class). Refit ships may be available via the C-Store or Fleet Shipyard. Many refit ships come with a new class costume.

Retrofit Ships – A Retrofit is a ship that is better than original AND is a higher Tier than the original. Retrofit ships are typically Tier 5 and give a player the opportunity to play a favorite older-model ships at endgame. For Example: the Tier 5 Science Vessel Retrofit is simply a Tier 5 version of the Tier 2 Science Vessel. Retrofit ships may be available in the C-Store or Fleet Shipyard. Many new Retrofit ships were recently made available in Fleet Shipyards.

Fleet Ships – Fleet ships are new and typically have some of the best stats in the game. Currently, all Fleet ships are Tier 5 and typically have +10% Hull HP and +10% Shields; they also typically come with a 10th console slot. Fleet ships do not usually come with any special abilities or items. They also don’t have the special ship class costume if there is a C-Store equivalent, but they all do come with an exclusive Fleet Material. You may have noticed that we used to offer some ship class costumes in the C-Store — we have pulled them from direct purchase in the C-Store and you can now only obtain them by acquiring the appropriate Fleet Ship. If you already purchased one of these ship class costumes, you can still access it. If a Fleet ship has a C-Store Counterpart, it can use any special item or costume the C-Store version came with. There are also Fleet Retrofit ships. These are what you might expect — A Tier 5 Version of a lower Tier ship, with the bonus HP, Shields and Console slot.

(Tom reads)

Next you will no doubt want to know how you can get your hands on these lovely shiny new ships well let me tell you.

Dilithium – Many ships simply cost Dilithium. These ships are typically the standard ship for a given Rank.

ZEN – Ships available for ZEN can be purchased at the Ship Vendor or directly from the C-Store.

Fleet Credit – All ships unlocked by a Fleet Shipyard cost Fleet Credits. Fleet Credits can be earned by contributing to Fleet Projects.

Fleet Ship Modules – Fleet Ship Modules can be purchased in the C-Store for ZEN and are needed to purchase all Fleet ships. Fleet ships typically cost 4 Fleet Ship Modules. However, if you already own the Tier 5 C-Store Version of a Fleet Ship, you will get a 75% Fleet Ship Module discount to purchase the Fleet version. For instance, the Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier costs Fleet Credits and 4 Fleet Ship Modules, but if you already own the C-Store Heavy Escort Carrier, the Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier will only cost Fleet Credits and ONE (1) Fleet Ship Module.

Fleet Ship Provisions – When you are in a Fleet and unlock a Shipyard, your Fleet must first fill the Shipyard with Provisions. There are a number of Fleet Projects that generate Provisions. Provisions are simply the limit on how many ships your Fleet Shipyard can provide to your Fleet Members. If a Fleet Project generates 10 ship Provisions, 10 members can each buy one Ship from the shipyard, or one Fleet member can buy 10 ships. Once the number of Provisions your Shipyard has reaches zero, your Fleet will need to complete another Fleet Provisioning assignment to generate more Provisions. Ships that require a Ship Provision always have an additional cost such as Fleet Credits and/or Fleet Ship Modules.

Rank-Up Ship Token – At ranks Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain and Rear Admiral Lower Half/Brigadier General, you earn a ship token redeemable for one free standard ship. If you are a 600 day subscriber veteran, you also earn one at Vice Admiral. Note that only certain ships are redeemable with this token.

Lock Boxes – Finally, some rare ships can be obtained exclusively from Lock Boxes.

(Colin reads)

There are more than 35 new ships available exclusively from Fleet Shipyards – 21 for Federation and 16 for Klingons. some ships come with a new ship costume. Additional costumes may be unlocked if you own a sister ship, But some are specific to Rank, you can fly a Rear Admiral ship if your a Commander for instance. Now if you want to read the rest and see the charts then go to and click on the link.

The flagships

( read by Tom)

Cryptic recently added the Odyssey and the Bortas as the new flagships of the Federation and Klingon empire, here we go into some details about them and how you can buy them.

Odyssey Class Starship Pack (5000 ZEN)

This pack includes the Odyssey Operations Cruiser, the Odyssey Science Cruiser and the Odyssey Tactical Cruiser.

But you can buy them Seperate , firstly the Science ;

Odyssey Science Cruiser (2500 ZEN)

The Odyssey Science Cruiser features a Work Bees universal console module. This console allows you to deploy four Work Bee CMUs (Cargo Management Units) that will follow and repair your vessel or an allied vessel.

Next up Tactical ;

Odyssey Tactical Cruiser (2500 ZEN)

Odyssey Tactical Cruiser features an Aquarius Escort universal console module. This console allows you to separate the aft mission pod of your starship, which will deploy an Aquarius Escort. The Aquarius is a small attack craft that will follow the Odyssey Tactical Cruiser and attack your targets.

Finally Operations or what some refer to as the Engineer ship.

Odyssey Operations Cruiser (2500 ZEN)

The Odyssey Operations Cruiser features a Chevron Separation universal console module. This console allows the ship’s Chevron saucer and stardrive sections to separate. The Chevron will follow the stardrive and attack your targets. While separated, the stardrive gains a boost to weapons power and increased speed and maneuverability.

Equip all three Odyssey special consoles on the Odyssey Advanced Cruiser of your choice to get the set bonus that will reduce the recharge time of all Odyssey console abilities and improve your Starship EPS, Starship Hull Plating and Starship Armor Reinforcement skills. The set bonus also slightly increases the Odyssey’s Turn Rate. But remember you cannot have the saucer separation and the escort ship launched at the same time.

(read by Colin)

Now we turn our attention to the Bortas for the Klingons


Bortasqu’ Tactical Cruiser (2500 ZEN)

The Bortasqu’ Tactical Cruiser features a Disruptor Autocannon universal console module. This console focuses the ship’s weapon power into the Bortasqu’ Tactical Cruiser’s primary firing chamber to unleash a devastating sustained barrage at a single target. It is the most powerful weapon in the fleet.

Next up

The Bortasqu’‘ War Cruiser (2500 ZEN)

The Bortasqu’ War Cruiser features a HoH’SuS Bird-of-Prey universal console module. This console allows you to separate the ship’s aft command pod, which will deploy as a Bird-of-Prey. The HoH’SuS will follow the Bortasqu’ War Cruiser and attack your targets.


Bortasqu’ Command Cruiser (2500 ZEN)

The Bortasqu’ Command Cruiser features a Subspace Snare universal console module. The Subspace Snare can teleport an enemy to a spot directly in front of the Bortasqu’ Command Cruiser, leaving the enemy vessel vulnerable to attack.

Again you can buy the pack;

Bortasqu’ Battle Cruiser Pack (5000 ZEN)

This pack includes the Bortasqu’ War Cruiser, the Bortasqu’ Command Cruiser and the Bortasqu’ Tactical Cruiser.

Equip all three Bortasqu’ special consoles on the Bortasqu’ of your choice to get the set bonus that will reduce the recharge time of all Bortasqu’ console abilities and improve your Starship Targeting Systems, Starship Energy Weapon Specialization and Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization skills. The set bonus also slightly increases the Bortasqu’s Turn Rate.

If you equip all three you can use the Subspace snare to pull a ship in front of you then hit it with the cannon, if it’s still alive release the Bird of Prey to Harry it, while you broadside them.

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