Deck Eight Ep 3

Deck eight ep3


Tholian lock boxes have arrived . The Ferengi lock boxes have gone the way of the Dinosaur and been replaced by Tholian ones.




Now the release notes qoute the following ” victories have been won by both factions and there is still hope. And on many of these smoldering battlefields, swarms of scavengers, brokers and black market privateers have managed to make the most of this war by obtaining many priceless pieces of Tholian and Mirror Universe technology and offering them up to the galaxy at large in return for their modest finder fees.



Naturally, when such a tempting series of business propositions presented themselves, the Lobi Crystal Consortium had to be the first on the block to try and squeeze a little latinum from the chaos. Through their extensive network of merchandisers, the ingenious Ferengi have quickly and carefully managed to snag nearly every piece of Tholian and Mirror Universe technology filtering in from Nukara and other Tholian skirmishes, and have begun seeding their wares throughout the known galaxy.”





Cryptic got an awful lot of grief in relation to the previous lock boxes. So in an attempt to address much of the feedback that has been received since the first Lock Box went live in the Holiday season of 2011. They have learned valuable lessons, this has driven them to re-examine how they deliver the boxes and make it enjoyable and rewarding experience to players.



What that really comes down to is fairly simple: The prize must be worth the investment. For the price of 125 Zen, players opening a Lock Box must feel like they received a worthwhile reward.



So they have targeted the prize that nearly all of our players covet the most highly: More ships! The Tholian Lock Box not only offers the sleek and stylish Tholian Orb Weaver as its rare grand prize, but players that are not fortunate enough to receive it still have a chance at receiving an impressive Mirror Universe ship variant. These unique Star Cruiser (Fed), Assault Cruiser (Fed) and Vor’cha Battle Cruiser (KDF) variants will offer different bridge officer slots and console slots than their “Prime Universe” counterparts, as well as offering unique visuals not otherwise available for player ships. And on top of that, the odds of receiving these Mirror Universe starships are far higher than any lockbox ship odds have ever been before! but how high we still don’t know.



They have also packed two of the most highly sought-after Cross-Faction Consoles into this box, by offering Federation players the chance to get the Subspace Jump console while Klingon Empire players can finally obtain a Point Defense System of their own.



The lock boxes will drop during missions as with all previous boxes. So I guess some will still have the litter problem.



Also In keeping with the theme of Tholians, they are offering very rare, handcrafted Duty Officers in the Lock Boxes, there will be a chance to gain one of six unique Warfare Specialist Duty Officers, all of whom are members of the Tholian species willingly serving aboard Federation and KDF starships in defiance of the Tholian Assembly. Each Warfare Specialist will improve a player’s damage bonus when fighting a specific enemy, either in Space or on the Ground. While only one of these can be slotted at a time, keeping them all in your roster may prove invaluable now that a wide array of antagonists will soon be assaulting Player Starbases on a regular basis.



Additionally The Tholian Lock Box can include an all new Fleet Credit Boost item that will improve your Fleet Credit earnings by 20% until they have depleted their bonus pools. There will be both a 25,000 and a 5,000 pool offered, so save up your Fleet Marks to get the most out of contributing to the advancement of your Starbase.



In the interest of assisting players with defending their Starbases, as well as driving back their enemies in other conflicts across the galaxy, the Tholian Lock Box is coming fully stocked with Very Rare quality (Purple) weaponry that is likely to improve the arsenal of most Captains, their ships and their crew. This new Phased Tetryon Weaponry is available in nearly all variants of both Space and Ground weaponry, and combines the effects of both Phaser and Tetryon energy types into a single lethal package, in addition to their basic bonuses. And again, in the interest of ensuring that our players feel rewarded, Vice Admirals and Lieutenant Generals will have a chance at receiving Mk XII weaponry when opening a Phased Tetryon Weapon pack.



Lock Boxes will also contain a chance at getting your hands on the Gamma Quadrant Duty Officers . The mini-packs contained in this box will offer the fully range of species, specializations and trait variants that were previously available. A Standard Duty Officer Mini-Pack will also be offered as a low-tier prize in the Tholian Lock Box. Both of these packs contain four (4) Duty Officers: Two green-or-better, and two white-or-better.







And lastly, we come to Lobi Crystals. The idea behind Lobi is to give you a second shot at getting a decent prize.


A few examples of this are a Tholian Crystalline Sword that can absorb incoming energy in order to deal extra damage, a new Tholian Silk Scarf (wearable by both factions), a selection of Arachnid Vanity Pets, a flyable Tholian Widow Fighter, and even a beastly Tholian Recluse Carrier that players will have the opportunity to fly into battle.



For the more casual Lobi consumer, there are several low-cost consumable items for as little as ONE (1) Lobi Crystal apiece. including Radiation Resistance Hypos to reduce the damage taken by Tholian ground weaponry and Acoustic Amplication Circuits that will allow any ranged weapon to deal a small amount of Sonic Damage for a short amount of time. Several other personal and team-based consumables are available.


Every Tholian Chance Box will contain a minimum of FOUR Lobi Crystal.


So if you fancy any of the items we have mentioned make sure you have a key ready to open a box.



TNG Anniversary feature

Next up we have Cryptics gift to players for the TNG 25th anniversary.
Matt Highison Lead Character Artist wrote the following DEV blog
For me, The Next Generation was the Star Trek series that made me a fan. It was the series I watched with my dad, geeked out about with my friends, and had me at the edge of my seat week after week. It’s the Trek that made me go back and watch The Original Series, made me stand in line for the opening night of every Trek film, and got me going to conventions. It’s the series that set me up as a lifetime Trekkie.
25 years ago The Next Generation aired, to this end you can now get a Free insane uniform reward, which uniform well Matt has created a certain Klingon complete with iconic hair,Sash and uniform. As Matt says,” Worf represented the new world for Trek that began that first season. A universe where enemies of old could work together, a galaxy where there were still discoveries to be made, and a hope for the future of the series”.
until around 10am Pacific time on Tuesday, July 24th you can unlock free, special costume options for your characters, ( This is not an account-wide unlock. You’ll need to speak to Worf on each of the characters that you would like to unlock these costume options on.) Open your Mission Journal (default key “J”) to accept a mini-mission that will ask you to go to speak with Worf in the Holodeck of either Starfleet or Klingon Academy. Complete this mission and unlock the following rewards:
Federation male and female characters:
TNG Season one Uniform
Klingon and Federation male characters that have hair options:
Worf’s short hair and warrior goatee from TNG Season 1
Worf’s TNG Season one style Uniform Sash
So we expect to see lots of newly attired people running around Space Dock soon enough.
Our final news that fleet sheep modules are now available from the in game store to enable you to create ships from your particular Starbase.
Costing 500 Zen points for each one. You will need more than one of these in order to craft certain ships.
As an example 4 modules = 2000 zen = an endgame VA-ship from the store like they were before, and the fleet ships are even better.
Or you can grind to get the 200000 Fleet-credits for the retrofit-version. But if you own a T5-variant of the fleet-vessel you want, you only need 1 module. However it still is 220000 Fleet-Credits till then.
So if you own the In game Store Intrepid you can get the Fleet-Intrepid for 1 module and 20000, in the flip side if you want the Fleet-Nova instead, You need to get the normal retrofit first to reduce the amount of required fleet-modules. If You want it fast, You should consider the Fleet-Nova a Z-Store vessel. Fair enough, speeding up things sometimes costs. It all boils down to the fact do you want to grind, or bypass the grind and simply buy the ship.
If in fact you want the fleet ship to begin with, but never forget the ultimate ship is a combination of the Fleet ship, with the consoles and so on from the game store ship. Either way to get the “ultimate” ship your going to have to spend money. One final thought a module used to make a ship is for one character, not one account. If you have 4 characters that’s four modules.



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