Deck Eight Ep 8

Deck Eight ep8

Opening chat reflection on Zen bonus sale


Answer to a tweet from Julian ( not Bashir) ” how do you put the cast together and what does it entail i’ve always been curious”


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Twitter feedback congrats and love the show from Midnightshadow7.


AdmiralAaron has commented on how he likes the show ( have to get him back on)


The STO collective have been retweeting and spreading the word so thanks to them and we have an email which Tom will now read.

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Deck Eight EP 7

Deck Eight ep Fleet Week has arrived in Star Trek Online! From now until Thursday, August 23rd, around 10am PDT, players can earn bonus Fleet Marks 24 hours a day!

Along with the normal queued and mission-based content that provides Fleet Marks, players can earn Fleet Marks by running a special daily Foundry mission. Starfleet players ranked Lieutenant 9 and above can contact Commander Selyn, and Klingon players ranked Commander 22 and above can contact Commander Vorbog, by clicking the ‘Available’ tab in the Mission Journal (default key “J”) to accept “Investigate Officer Reports (Daily)”.
The following content also provides bonus Fleet Marks during Fleet Week:
No Win Scenario
Colony Invasion
Starbase Blockade
Starbase Fleet Defense
Starbase Incursion
Starbase Alerts
Tholian Invasion Missions on Nukara Prime in the Eta Eridani Sector Block
Borg Invasion Missions on Defera in the Orellius Sector Block
 The Sovereign class’s first major engagement was the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373, when the U.S.S. Enterprise-E led the fight against a Borg invasion near earth. The Sovereign soon became the standard for which all Assault Cruisers were measured. Now this hallmark ship class gets a upgrade and sets a new standard — the Assault Cruiser Refit: Regent Class.
The Regent Class comes equipped with a Metreon Gas Canisters Console Mod. Metreon Gas is highly unstable, but when properly stored it can be safely replicated and transported. This Console Mod allows you to vent the gas from your Bussard Collectors and ignite it at will. The resulting explosions can be extremely devastating. This Console Mod can be equipped in any console slot. It may only be equipped on Sovereign variants, including the Assault Cruiser and Assault Cruiser Refit.

Trek news and Views ep41


News stories 

from Star

He’s back. There’s just no keeping the irrepressible William Shatner – or his Priceline Negotiator — down. Even though Shatner’s once-ubiquitous Negotiator character seemed to perish earlier this year in a fiery explosion after heroically saving a tourist-filled bus, he’s apparently been living the life of… a surfer dude. Approached by a Priceline agent, the Negotiator touts the benefits of Priceline and acknowledges that he “still has it” and “will always have it.” Asked if he’ll resume his role as pitchman, the Negotiator, surfboard tucked under his arm, replies “We’ll see where the waves take me” and darts off toward the waves shouting, “Sayonara, brah!”

From think

What would Picard drink?

Being a starship captain is tough work. You have hundreds of lives depending on your leadership, your decisions, and your grace under fire (and under the ever-annoying presence of Q). When you need a moment to collect your thoughts, you don’t do it with a teabag stuffed with the brown dust that is the byproduct of real tea. No, Sir. You drink real, genuine Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

Star Trek has given their seal of approval for this official blend of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, just like Jean-Luc Picard would drink. Of course, you don’t have a replicator, so you’ll have to scoop out this blend of premium black tea with bergamot into your favorite looseleaf brewer. Start with water just off the boil for 2-3 minutes and you’ll have the perfect Captain’s tea: fresh, zesty, exhilarating, slightly dry to the nose, with a rounded and balanced orange rind flavor. You’ll be making those tough decisions in no time… or maybe after another cup…

Product Specifications

What would Picard drink? This, of course!

Brew it in your favorite looseleaf brewer

Steep in water just off the boil for 2-3 minutes

4 oz tin of looseleaf Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

Officially licensed Star Trek collectible

Cumberbatch talks taking on Trek
The UK’s Telegraph has an in-depth profile of Star Trek sequel actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
Did he ever doubt he would be able to sustain an acting career, I ask. ‘It sounds really arrogant but I don’t think I did, no,’ he says. ‘I’m not someone who’s naturally confident, I just knew no matter what it held for me, I was going to pursue it.’ There are still moments, he says, when his confidence falters. The first day he stepped on set of the new Star Trek film, joining an illustrious line of British stars who have played the villain in a Hollywood blockbuster, he had a momentary feeling of being out of his depth. ‘I didn’t know what I was going to do and I had very little time to establish the character in that franchise,’ he says.
The reason behind Cumberbatch having little time is that he was cast only a few weeks before production started.  Apparently he worked through it as all the feedback from the production has been about how Cumberbatch’s performance has been very well received by the producer’s and the studio.

A Star Trek fan is on a mission to restore one of the original sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Rescued from Paramount in late 2011, the fan is in the process of restoring the set and plans to make it open to the public when finished.

“Originally created by Gene Roddenberry, the design created by Herman Zimmerman and Michael Okuda for the Paramount TV series, this set was made to be durable, to go on display back in the late 90′s,” said the fan. “By the late 2008, it was forgotten about and was about to be destroyed! After nearly three years of negotiations, and one week before it was about to be permanently ‘decommissioned’ and put into the dumpster, I rescued it.

“I am in the process of completely restoring the set to its original splendor,” he said, “and mak[ing] it open to the public for meetings, movie showings, fundraisers, tours, filming, anything!”

The fan’s project is a “non-profit” mission. “Eventually, I will be doing a Kickstarter Campaign,” he explained, “but only after I have the estimates of restoration plus the support and Star Trek actors plus famous fans of the show.”

Deck eight ep6


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This three-month discount will only last for a limited time. Subscribe now to get all these benefits in Star Trek Online!

When I was tasked with the creation of the refit version of the Sovereign, I knew I had to draw from other 2409 ships seen in STO. The standards were set pretty high, seeing the Venture class refit of the Galaxy, the Thunderchild and Armitage refit of the Akira, among others. All of these ships had something in common, namely, selling the idea that they are an advanced version of their original counterpart, while keeping true to the basic design features. The Sovereign is already a gorgeous ship, so I knew it would not be an easy task to make it even cooler.

I took design features seen in an assortment of ships, from the Defiant, to the Odyssey, and everything in-between. Most importantly, I had to make sure it paid its dues to the Sovereign, so it kept the overall shape and size. A few key features were changed to help make it stand out, namely the forward swept pylons, and the grand arms stretching across the ship, from the front of the saucer to the rear shuttle bay. The top of the hull was ideal ground to do something to help it stand out. It’s a mixture of what is seen on the Sol, Venture, and Sovereign. Creating negative space from different perspectives was massively important to making the Regent what it is today. From the side, there is no negative space between the Nacelles and the hull of the ship, akin to the Venture class. The inward facing windows on the rear of the semi-split hull is akin to the Odyssey and Sol. Some of the details under the saucer are not only directly inspired from the Constitution, but also from the Defiant and Intrepid.

In the end, keeping familiar elements from other ships, and merging them together into one glorious vessel, results in the Regent. While the Sovereign will always have a special place in my heart, I’m very happy with the end result of the Regent. I feel that it will perform quite well as Starfleet’s primary assault cruiser.

Keep subspace frequencies open as more details about the Regent Class will be revealed next week, including its release date. I can’t wait for you all to fly it in-game, and I hope everyone is enjoying Season 6: Under Siege!

Breaking the Ice Ep40 of the podcast


Breaking the ice 

The episode opens with Tucker in the mess hall looking at pictures drawn by school kids at home, when archer hails the crew to look  out the window.( first clip)

How did they get the pictures?

The Enterprise crew is thrilled to encounter the biggest comet humans have ever seen, one that’s 82.6 kilometers in diameter with a spectacular tail. Learning the comet contains large quantities of eisilium, something so rare that the Vukcans know little about it.

Captain Archer dispatches Lt. Reed and Ensign Mayweather to take a little “comet-walk” with a drilling rig to collect samples.

As they prepare for their mission, a Vulcan starship, the Ti’Mur, approaches unannounced. Archer hails the ship, and its captain,Vanik, informs him they are not there to investigate the comet, but rather to investigate Enterprise’s interest in the comet.

(Now this is a mineral so rare that Vulcans know nothing about it, but  Vanik is not interested in it!) Although irked, Archer gracefully invites Vanik to stay and watch, but then he pulls T’Pol aside to find out what they’re “really” doing here. T’Pol has no answers.

( now if the Vulcans have been following Enterprise why when the ship was going to land on there head in fight or flight did they not intervene?)

Reed and Mayweather land a shuttlepod on the comet, eager to experience the wintery world.

Meanwhile Commander Tucker is disturbed to discover that T’Pol has secretly received an encrypted transmission from the Vulcan ship. He reports this to Archer, and upon his orders enlists Ensign Sato to decrypt the message.

Back on The bridge the crew takes a little time out to record a message for Tucker’s nephew’s fourth-grade class in Ireland,

(Now i have some people say why one school why this one class, well its reasonable to think Starfleet did some sort of lottery and they won. I mean they don’t call it the luck of the Irish for nothing. ) anyway the crew answer  the students’ questions about such things as what they eat in space and how they talk to aliens. Each crew member in turn responds to the topics they specialize in, but in our next clip  Tucker is a little upset when Archer picks him to answer the question, “When you flush a toilet, where does it go?”

On the comet, Reed and Mayweather are setting charges in the ice as the first step of their drilling operation, well it wouldn’t be Read if he wasn’t blowing something up. Read and Mayweather   can’t resist taking some time to build a snowman — with Vulcan ears.! Now I like this bit it reminded me of Alan Shepard playing golf on the moon, or arctic explorers playing sports in sub zero temperatures. Explorers are always a bit different, plus it’s a nice way to let off steam.

Meanwhile, Tucker reads the message to T’Pol that Sato decrypted, and realizes it’s nothing incriminating, but rather an intensely personal letter. Highly embarrassed, which is what happens when you read someone elses mail, little tip there people, incidentally why does he blame the Vulcans for his being nosey.

in the next clip  Tucker decides to confess to T’Pol and apologize. She is uncomfortable with Tucker knowing about her situation, although he agrees to keep it between themselves.

T’Pol will not even confide in Dr. Phlox when she receives treatment for a tension headache and sleeplessness,I can’t imagine why?. but the doctor advises that she talk to someone about what’s bothering her.

In a gesture to gain the Vulcans’ trust, Archer decides to invite Captain Vanik over for dinner with him, T’Pol and Tucker. The dinner does not go well, however, as Vanik just sits at the table without eating and barely responds to attempts at conversation.

In the next clip Archer gets fed up and abruptly asks why the Vulcans are spying on them. Vanik condescendingly denies the accusation, and Archer send him back to his ship.

After Reed and Mayweather blast a crater in the comet’s surface, they begin setting up the drilling rig. But the blast shifted the comet’s rotation, so Archer orders them to pick up the pace because in two hours they will be exposed to the dangerous heat of the nearby star.

Where is Bruce Willis when you need him!

On the ship, T’Pol decides to take Plox’s advice to relieve her stress by talking about her concerns with someone. In the encrypted letter, as Trip is already aware being a nosey git, she tells him.

T’Pol was given an ultimatum to return to Vulcan immediately or her arranged wedding will be cancelled.  He tries to convince her to think for herself and do what is right for her, but she insists her family and heritage must take precedence over “personal choice.” She acts like her mind is made up, but Tucker is not convinced.

Having collected a core sample, Reed and Mayweather are removing their equipment when Mayweather slips back into the blast crater and injures his knee.

in the amazingly low gravity this raises two points.

1) firstly why are they are moving as if in normal gravity.

2) it was a short fall in low g on snow!

With an injured crewman the away team pace is slowed as Reed helps the limping Mayweather back to the shuttlepod, who should have known better because his been in space before you know!.

The sunlight begins to break across the horizon. The ice begins fracturing beneath them as they take their final few steps toward the shuttle. They make it inside, but when they fire up the engines, the ice collapses beneath the shuttle and it plummets into a gaping chasm( Which is this clip)

Yes once again Mayweather has parked a pod over a hole just like he did a few episodes back with Terra Nova, I guess he should stick to space!

So now they are  trapped,  Archer takes the helm of Enterprise to navigate the ship close enough to use magnetic grapplers to retrieve the shuttle. Obviously he don’t trust the B team helmsman to do it.

Captain Vanik hails him to offer assistance, but Archer refuses. Tucker manages to hit the shuttle with one grappler, but the eisilium deposits disrupt the maglock and the shuttle drops back down. This time falling slightly further.

In this clip T’Pol convinces Archer the Vulcans’ tractor beam would not be affected by the eisilium,  and that to accept Vanik’s help would be to prove him wrong about humans being arrogant and prideful.

Reluctantly  He concurs, and Reed and Mayweather are rescued by the Ti’Mur.

Archer tries to thank Vanik by offering to share the data they collected,( you know the Data that the Vulcans a supposed scientific society don’t have)  but Vanik gives him the usual cold reply, and the Ti’Mur prepares to depart. Tucker asks T’Pol if she’s ready to leave with the other Vulcans, but instead of packing, she sends a message to the Ti’Mur to convey to her family, declaring her intention to stay aboard Enterprise.