Deck Eight

These are the show notes used for the new Star trek online podcast we launched on Wednesday

Deck Eight notes

Welcome to the very first episode of deck 8 a dedicated star trek online podcast, from this show we aim to bring you news,tips,features and thoughts on all things star trek online.
Here with me to help the process along are Tom (intro) and Dee (intro)
Now you can feed back to us with thoughts I ideas and suggestions and if your a foundry author and want to contact us about your mission, perhaps for us or you to feature it on the show then by all means contact us, we will give the details out at the end of the show.
Right let’s get into our first section which is the tips section, now in future ths will feature anything and everything from ship choice,to how to sections and anything else we or you think can help make your game better or easier. This podcast is for the community so you help us to help other gamers have a better game.
So today we are going to discuss the reinforcement pack. Now for those of you that do Doff or duty officer missions, like me. Your going to fund this really helpful.
The Reinforcements Pack includes the same breakdown as previous packs: one Blue quality or better, two Green quality or better and four White quality or better. These new Duty Officers come from existing species. For Federation players, this means Human, Andorian, Vulcan, Tellarite, Caitian and Betazoid. For Klingon players, this means Klingon, Orion, Gorn, Nausicaan, Lethean and Ferasan.
All of these Duty Officers are of existing specializations, but they all have alternate active roster abilities. In all, thirteen new active roster powers for eleven specializations have been created. the new Energy Weapons Officer and new Flight Deck Officer will draw a lot of attention, as well as a non-career specific Security Officer variant active roster power and the return of the now-defunct EMH power, this time on Nurses and Medics.
Now Doffs can greatly increase your ships effectiveness, for instance a flight deck officer on a carrier can increase your fighters effectiveness. A nurse or Doctor can help you with healing on away missions and so on. Ideally you want blue or more before you make them a personnel fixture, but we will get to that in another show.
The particular officers you can get in the reinforcement pack are;
Deflector Officer
Chance to reflect damage while using Polarize Hull
Flight Deck Officer (Variant 1)
Increase Carrier Defense while in Recall Mode
Flight Deck Officer (Variant 2)
Increase Fighter Accuracy while in Intercept Mode
Flight Deck Officer (Variant 3)
Increase Fighter Damage while in Escort Mode
Tractor Beam Officer
Drains -10 Engine Subsystem Energy with Tractor Beam Repulsors
Triage and Medical Tricorder can trigger a second heal
Create a Gravity Well effect on ground when using Gravimetric Shift
Gravimetric Scientist
Create an aftershock Tyken’s Rift (same functionality as existing Gravity Well aftershock)
Increased Crew Recovery when crew is <75%
Assault Squad Officer
Extra Team Heal and AOE Rez on Rally Cry
Energy Weapons Officer (Variant 1)
Reduce recharge time on Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannon Volley
Energy Weapons Officer (Variant 2)
Reduce recharge time on Beam Overload and Fire at Will
Security Officer
Increase melee Crit Chance and Crit Severity (ground)
In addition you have a chance of getting one of the following;
A stack of Gamma Quadrant commodities (which will be in high demand with the new Fleet Advancement and Starbase system
A stack of Gamma Quadrant consumable devices (new devices)
An Alien Artifact (available in both “Powered” and “Unpowered” versions)
A random Mk XII Very Rare Console
or the jackpot prize… a Tuffli Class Freighter Ship Pack
Now I know that a lot of people have complained in the past about “box” ships being as rare as Latnium, but I do know for a fact that the drop rate on this particular ship is a higher. How much higher I don’t know. But Cryptic have listened to the players and increased the chance of gaining one.
So what does the freighter have?

The Tuffli Class Freighter is arguably the best vessel for managing Duty Officer Assignments, trade, cargo acquisition and transport, and other related commendation tasks.
It has a Trade Duty Officer Assignment contact, which is not standard on most starships. Both you and your allies can access the Trader. So you don’t need to go to a Starbase to access the exchange.
Also assigned is a Quartermaster. The Quartermaster can sell you and your allies commodities at a discounted rate. A similar discount applies when you make any Energy Credit Purchase while onboard your ship. The interior also include access to the Bank, Exchange, Mail, and Crafting, all of which are accessible to you and your allies.
The Tuffli Class Freighter has access to a secure subspace channel to call in a Security Transport ship. The Security Transport will allow you to access Prisoner Transfer and Contraband Assignments. The Security Transport is not a combat support vessel, and can only be called when in Sector Space. It is accessible to you and your allies.
Finally, the Freighter comes with a Transwarp Drive. The Transwarp Drive will allow you to instantly access most Exploration Clusters. Note, like many older Transwarp drives, the Freighter’s Transwarp has a small chance to fail.
Why would you want to access the clusters? Well this is another point where the freighters will appeal to crafters. You see you can Transwarp to a cluster do some farming and build up your crafting bank.
You have to remember that Freighters are not designed as combat vessels. They come with minimal armaments designed only to ward off pirates and other would-be threats. You cannot take it into a special task force mission as its not designed for that and is in fact prevented from entering.
Finally You can switch to your Freighter from any ship interior. Once you’re done using it, switch back to any ship from the Freighter interior.
which is different to a shuttle as with a shuttle you can only switch from one ship and back to the original ship you where on.
Now let’s turn our attention to what’s happening in the future with season six. Season six will bring us Starbases. Fleet Starbases to be exact. There are 5 levels to these bases and each tier or level will grant you the ability to enhance your fleet.
When you activate your base you start at tier one, now if you’ve been onto Tribble you can see what a level one base looks like, it’s pretty bare. To enhance your base you to run provision missions which can be found in the mission list. This will allow your fleet to build things and increase its effectiveness. A fleet Starbase will also enable you to access to new levels of equipment, at the moment in game you can find, white,green,blue and purple. With the help of a Starbase you can access gold and ultraviolet. The latter being the higher.
In addition a ship crafted through the base will be better than one you get via ranking up, but have certain pros and cons in relation to C Store ships.
For instance starbase ships will have more hit points and more shield points, but will not increase DPS. So if you craft a fleet intrepid class ship, while owning the C store ship. You can combine both to have the ultimate Intrepid class ship.
In total there are 45 new ships. But there are no Starbase versions of the Excelsior,Galaxy Dreadnaught,retro fit Bird Of Prey and Garumba.
Starbase crafted ships will also have a 10th console slot just like the Oddy does.
Now it’s not all Federation Klingons get,Gorn,Orion and Nausiccan ships to craft.
The simple way to look at these ships is they are tougher but have no “toys”
Some ships will require fleet credit a C store schematic and then crafting items. Most retrofit ships will be available at tier 5, although as I’ve said not all. But fans of the Nova will be delighted to know there is a level 5 version waiting for you to craft.
It’s not all about ships though, there are ground items as well including armour.
,weapons and shields. As more is learned and revealed we will cover it here.
Dev blog 10 features some info on the tholians
The species looks fantastic and the artist has done some epic work on the design. I love the look of these and the ships look amazing, I am looking forward to getting into combat with them when season 6 launches.
900 day veteran reward
Starting Monday, July 2nd, the first players reached the 900-Day mark and they are going to receive some awesome rewards:
“Guardian” Title
This in-game title can be set through the Character Status screen. If you have the default keybinds set, press “U” to bring up this menu. From there, double-check that your character is chosen from the left column, and then click the “Edit Record” button towards the bottom to change your title.
FREE Exclusive Starship “Material”
Your Starfleet and Klingon ships* will gain access to an exclusive new material that has been created specifically for our 900-Day veterans – there is a unique material for each faction. When using the Veteran Material, there are 4 unique paint pattern options available, on top of the usual 13. Visit any shipyard to “customize” your ship with this new material.
*Please note that allied alien (Caitian Atrox Carrier, Vulcan D’Kyr, etc.) and lock box (Jem’Hadar Attack Ship, Cardassian Galor, etc.) ships, as well as the TOS Constitution class, are not able to use this new material.
FREE Exclusive Uniform Variant
Federation captains will gain access to an exclusive Jupiter Veteran Decorated Gold Jacket. This is a golden trim embellished version of the Jupiter Veteran Jacket that is only available to 900 day Vets. Bonus! If you are a 900 Day Vet AND you have purchased the Jupiter Uniform pack, those Jupiter jackets will give you the option to use a Veteran Decorated Gold material on it. It’s just another way for us to add an extra little treat for our Vet playersg.
Klingon captains will gain access to an exclusive Veteran Belt and Wrist Attaches. This belt and fur lined gauntlets are in the style of the previously released Veteran shoulder pads and will complete the look of your Vet uniform.

FREE Full Respec
Each of your characters on your account will earn a full respec/ retrain token. To perform a respec, visit a Skill Trainer available to your faction (Fed: Earth Spacedock and Deep Space K-7; KDF: Qo’noS and Ganalda Space Station; Both: Deep Space 9). Please note that this reward does not respec Bridge Officers and a single character can fully retrain only once per token.

You can contact us a variety of ways, first you can go to and click on contact or fill in the feedback underneath the podcast at the bottom of the page. Or you can email us at or tweet me at Treknewsviews or Tom @ or all of us at Deck_8

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