Deck Eight ep2

Deck Eight ep2

the different features available to Gold Members and Silver Players.
1)Cost ;
Gold Members
$ 14.99 Monthly (or Lifetime)
Silver Players / Free
2)Access to game;
All Sectors and Missions Unlimited AccessUnlimited to all
3)PVP Access
Unlimited Access
4)Fleet Actions
Unlimited Access
5)Events and Dailies
Unlimited Access
6)Feature Episode Series
Unlimited Access
7)Special Task Forces
Unlimited Access
8)Klingon Play
Unlocked at Level 25 same applies to all subscribers
(Tactical, Science, Engineer)Unlimited Access
10)Default Playable Species
Unlimited Access to all
11)Premium Playable Species
12)Join a Fleet (Guild)
Unlimited Access
13)Create a Fleet (Guild)
Gold Unlimited Access
Silver Limited can join but not create a fleet,however the Limit goes away when any of the following is met: 20 hours of aggregate play across all characters, account has ever had a prior subscription, account has made a C-Store purchase.
14) Energy Credit Storage
Silver Limited 10 Million Energy Credit Cap. An EC Cap upgrade may be purchased from the C-Store.
Gold 1 Billion Energy Credit Cap
15) Dilithium Refinement Cap
Silver and Gold 8k per day
Gold Members refine Dilithium automatically upon logging in, up to one week’s worth of dilithium.
Silver Players must log in and refine Dilithium manually each day.
Character Slots3
Gold Members receive one Federation character slot, one Klingon character slot and one slot which may be used to create a character belonging to either faction. Additional slots are available for purchase from the C-Store.
Silver Players receive one slot for each faction. Additional slots are available for purchase from the C-Store.
17) Additional Bridge Officer Slots
Gold +2 Additional Slots
*Earned at the Lt. Commander, Commander, and Rear Admiral, Lower Half Ranks. Additional slots may also be purchased in the C-Store.
Silver +1 Additional Slot
*Earned at the Captain and Rear Admiral, Lower Half Ranks. Additional slots may also be purchased in the C-Store.
18) Max Free Inventory
Additional inventory slots available for purchase.
But a Silver has 72
Base amount is 42. Additional slots, up to the listed max, are earned as you raise in rank.
Gold 108
Base amount is 48. Additional slots, up to the listed max, are earned as you raise in rank.

Deck Eight

These are the show notes used for the new Star trek online podcast we launched on Wednesday

Deck Eight notes

Welcome to the very first episode of deck 8 a dedicated star trek online podcast, from this show we aim to bring you news,tips,features and thoughts on all things star trek online.
Here with me to help the process along are Tom (intro) and Dee (intro)
Now you can feed back to us with thoughts I ideas and suggestions and if your a foundry author and want to contact us about your mission, perhaps for us or you to feature it on the show then by all means contact us, we will give the details out at the end of the show.
Right let’s get into our first section which is the tips section, now in future ths will feature anything and everything from ship choice,to how to sections and anything else we or you think can help make your game better or easier. This podcast is for the community so you help us to help other gamers have a better game.
So today we are going to discuss the reinforcement pack. Now for those of you that do Doff or duty officer missions, like me. Your going to fund this really helpful.
The Reinforcements Pack includes the same breakdown as previous packs: one Blue quality or better, two Green quality or better and four White quality or better. These new Duty Officers come from existing species. For Federation players, this means Human, Andorian, Vulcan, Tellarite, Caitian and Betazoid. For Klingon players, this means Klingon, Orion, Gorn, Nausicaan, Lethean and Ferasan.
All of these Duty Officers are of existing specializations, but they all have alternate active roster abilities. In all, thirteen new active roster powers for eleven specializations have been created. the new Energy Weapons Officer and new Flight Deck Officer will draw a lot of attention, as well as a non-career specific Security Officer variant active roster power and the return of the now-defunct EMH power, this time on Nurses and Medics.
Now Doffs can greatly increase your ships effectiveness, for instance a flight deck officer on a carrier can increase your fighters effectiveness. A nurse or Doctor can help you with healing on away missions and so on. Ideally you want blue or more before you make them a personnel fixture, but we will get to that in another show.
The particular officers you can get in the reinforcement pack are;
Deflector Officer
Chance to reflect damage while using Polarize Hull
Flight Deck Officer (Variant 1)
Increase Carrier Defense while in Recall Mode
Flight Deck Officer (Variant 2)
Increase Fighter Accuracy while in Intercept Mode
Flight Deck Officer (Variant 3)
Increase Fighter Damage while in Escort Mode
Tractor Beam Officer
Drains -10 Engine Subsystem Energy with Tractor Beam Repulsors
Triage and Medical Tricorder can trigger a second heal
Create a Gravity Well effect on ground when using Gravimetric Shift
Gravimetric Scientist
Create an aftershock Tyken’s Rift (same functionality as existing Gravity Well aftershock)
Increased Crew Recovery when crew is <75%
Assault Squad Officer
Extra Team Heal and AOE Rez on Rally Cry
Energy Weapons Officer (Variant 1)
Reduce recharge time on Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannon Volley
Energy Weapons Officer (Variant 2)
Reduce recharge time on Beam Overload and Fire at Will
Security Officer
Increase melee Crit Chance and Crit Severity (ground)
In addition you have a chance of getting one of the following;