Notes for 32

June 16th is Captain Picard Day. (How June 16th got picked is still a little vague to me – but those with slide rules bigger than mine determined that Stardate 47457.1 is June 16th.)

In the episode “The Pegasus” we watched as the Enterprise’s children presented works of art dedicated to the noble captain of the NCC-1701-D

The Vulcan Advocate posted a new interview with TOS actor Walter Koenig and here is an excerpt.

Koenig spoke highly of the new cast of the J,J. Abrams Trek movie, calling them “very, very good” actors who are also “very professional.”

But things have changed in movies, which have become far more dependant on computer graphics imaging (CGI), he said.

“The (new Star Trek) film is evocative of this time, in terms of technology that is available. The different way of making films — a lot more CGI, a lot more eye candy, a lot more dependence on technology than we had,” said Koenig.

“I think possibly we were compelled to make the story a little bit more personal and a little bit more human and a little bit more character-driven because we did not have the technology to fall back on.” Continue reading