Show notes and references for Ep 29

Review of Enterprise Unexpected
In Engineering, Chief Engineer Trip Tucker is trying to solve ship-wide problems with power supply and life support. T’Pol discovers a distortion in the plasma wake of the Enterprise. Archer ignites the plasma waste, revealing a cloaked ship. ( 1st clip)

Archer hails them and learns their engines are malfunctioning and they’ve been using Enterprise’s exhaust to replenish them. Archer offers to help them with repairs, after the translator learns there language after only a few words! Really Shame it struggled with Klingon in broken bow then!.
Tucker prepares for a three-day away mission on the disabled ship. Tucker has to undergo a very uncomfortable three-hour decompression and acclimation process, and when he enters the Xyrillian ship, he is faced with a disorienting visual and auditory experience — the walls are glowing with bioluminescent moss, the consoles operate with viscous fluids and electrical arcs, there’s an aquarium holding hundreds of undulating eels, and the Xyrillians themselves glisten with moist, scaly skin. Tucker insists on going straight to work in their engine room.( clip 2) however tucker has a hard time adapting to the environment. After finally agreeing to get some rest, Tucker starts to enjoy his stay and develops a flirtatious friendship with the female engineer.While waiting for the teraphasic coils to recharge, Ah’len takes Trip to a holodeck to show him Thera, the Xyrillian homeworld. During the holographic tour, Ah’len engages in a psychic game with Trip that allows them to share thoughts. they immerse their hands into a box of granules which begin to glow, enabling them to read each other’s minds. (Clip 3).
Tucker returns to Enterprise and the ships go their separate ways. Which seems nice but i think Enterprise got the raw end of the deal, As Tucker relates his experiences to Reed over lunch, he notices an unusual growth on his left wrist. He visits Dr. Phlox, who determines the growth is a nipple and he has an embryo forming in his ribs… Tucker is pregnant.

Phlox explains that the Xyrillians only utilise genetic material in reproduction, the males acting as hosts. He also reveals that the embryo cannot be removed without risking both of their lives. Trip mentions the telepathic game and Phlox says that it might be the transfer medium for the genetic material, he is then berated by T’pol (short clip)
Archer asks T’Pol to locate the Xyrillian ship, Days go by as Enterprise looks and in the meantime the bulge in Tucker’s ribcage is growing while he experiences morning sickness, (deleted scene which will be used at end) a ravenous appetite and severe mood swings. After more than a week, Tucker has to face the possibility that he will have to deliver the baby and care for it. On the “bright side,” Archer points out to Tucker’s chagrin that he’s making history with the first interspecies pregnancy involving a human.which shocks the yeoman bringing him food. (clip )Reed detects the ship but then they discover it hiding in a Klingon warship’s plasma wake. Archer hails the Klingon ship, which fires two warning shots. Archer hails again and asks Captain Vorak if they have been experiencing any technical problems. The Klingons detect the Xyrillian ship with Archer’s help, but then order that the Xyrillians must be executed.
T’Pol interrupts to tell Vorak that Archer is the man who found Klaang and saved Qo’noS from civil war and that the Chancellor himself called Archer brother in the High Council Chamber.
Tucker steps forward and suggests that the Xyrillian crew would be willing to share their holographic technology if their lives are spared. The Klingon captain, Vorok, is enticed, but refuses to let Tucker join them as they board the ship. Archer then reveals that Tucker has some unfinished business involving a pregnancy, but Vorok holds firm. Tucker then grits his teeth and shows his “bulge,” revealing he is the one who is pregnant and giving the Klingons an uproarious laughter (final clip).
Tucker and two of the Klingons board the Xyrillian ship, and after a decompression period, Ah’len tells a relieved Trip that the embryo can be safely removed. Due to its young age.
Meanwhile the captain installs a topographical survey of the capital city of Kronos into the holographic chamber, allowing the Klingons to experience a simulation of their homeworld, and agrees to adapt the technology to the Klingon ship. Thereby giving them holotech decades before the federation.?

Back on their ships, Vorak ends the encounter by stating that the debt to Archer is repaid and that Archer will regret meeting the Klingons if they ever cross paths again. In the Captain’s Mess, Archer asks T’Pol if the Klingon Chancellor called him “brother.” T’Pol replies by saying that Klingons are known to exaggerate, so she saw nothing wrong with doing the same. T’Pol tells Trip that his “pregnancy is the first recorded instance of a human male pregnancy”.

Things to point out

the Xyrillian ship is found because T’Pol was able to track its “stealth telemetry” – now there’s a contradiction in terms. Their advanced somethin-or-other engine breaks down twice in one week for no apparent reason, and they have to rely on an engineer from another, less advanced vessel to fix it.

Klingon Captain threatens to kill the Xyrillians and send them to Sto’Vo’Kor. I thought that was just for warriors — or does this series take place before Sto’Vo’Kor instituted the controversial “Warriors Only” policy? Still more Claptrap: The Klingons want the Xyrillians’ holodreck technology, but aren’t interested in the imperfect but militarily useful cloaking system, something they won’t have for another century?

Klingon ship is a D7 bit early perhaps considering that ship was in TOS

wondering why the Xyrillians never appeared in previous/future series, Barman and Braga have a subtle answer: After exposing the Xyrillians to the Klingons, Enterprise left, and the Klingons cruised over to the Xyrillian homeworld, a month away at impulse power, and probably only hours or days at warp, and wiped them out.




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