Show notes for Ep 26

Trek news

Cumberbatch Star Trek Role Confirmed!

After much speculation, it seems that Brit actor Benedict Cumberbatch will indeed be playing the iconic Khan in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming STAR TREK sequel. The news will come as a relief for many Terkkers, as Khan remains one of the franchise’s favourite villains, and played a major role in the finest of the original films STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN (obviously).

The character – full name Khan Noonien Singh – was the best of a generation of genetically-engineered humans. With super strength, speed, intelligence and a resilience to injury, Khan’s basically a DOUBLE HARD Git and a ferocious enemy of a certain James Tiberius Kirk. Having proved his acting in SHERLOCK and a small appearance in WAR HORSE, Cumberbatch now takes on the villainous Khan, originally played brilliantly by Ricardo Montalban. Sources are suggesting that rather than remake Khan’s original appearance, ‘Space Seed’, STAR TREK 2 will offer a brand new story. Expect Abrams’ to reinvent Khan’s origins, just as he did for the Enterprise crew in the previous film. But for me it would be better to have something new. Whats next from this supposed reboot of the franchise “Captain there be whales here”

In other STAR TREK movie news, it has been reported that the Klingons will appear as will Leonard Nimoy, reviving his role as the original Spock. Neither appearance comes as a great surprise – Nimoy’s inclusion in Abrams’ first Trek film was brilliant, appeasing fanboys and simultaneously outlining the new direction of the film. It will also give him the most move appearances as he is currently tied with William Shatner on seven. As for the Klingons, they’re easily the most famous of all STAR TREK villains. This will please a lot of Klingon fans out there. It’s also good that Pike will be in the film, hopefully with more to do that blink a light for yes.


Con news
Creation Entertainments Official Star Trek Convention featuring Patrick Stewart and much of the The Next Generation cast, is on from May 4-6 at the Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the Creation event will feature appearances by Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Suzie Plakson, Hallie Todd and Eric Menyuk, as well as Tim Russ, Robin Curtis, Gary Graham and Chase Masterson.

All of the actors will appear on stage throughout the weekend, as well as be available for autograph signings and photo opportunities. Fans can also expect to see Russ in concert, Other activities will include contests, no-minimum-bid auctions, a cocktail party, a presentation by Richard Arnold, a costume parade and more.


Sticking with Con news StarTrek London tickets are now on general sale, so you no longer need to sign up, plus you can pre book your Captains photo session from May 9th

Trek history

May 2

Walter Koenig joined the cast of the original Star Trek as Chekov, and shot his first scenes as the character – for the episode “Catspaw” — on this day in 1967. “Catspaw” aired several months later, on October 27, 1967.
Also Rod Roddenbury was born in 1974
May 3

“Fury,” a sixth-season episode of Voyager, aired on this day in 2000. The episode marked the last appearance – as a series regular — of Jennifer Lien as Kes. It also marked the one and only scene between Kes and Seven of Nine.
Jeanne Bal was born, the salt monster from TOS mantrap


Michael Minor passed away on this day in 1987, succumbing to AIDS. Minor had served as a conception and production illustrator on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and later as art director on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

May 5

Joseph Stefano was born on this day in 1922. Stefano wrote the story and shared teleplay credit on the episode “Skin of Evil,” in which Tasha Yar met her maker.
And John Rhyss Davies was born better known to you as Leonardo Da Vinci in Voyager, along with Marc Alamo or Gul Dukatt

May 6th

Demons aired on this day in 2005. The late-fourth-season episode was directed by LeVar Burton, and, with the imminent end of Enterprise, it would mark his final time behind the camera of a Star Trek episode.
With Star trek the motion picture “The Directors cut” being released in region one.

Star trek online news

For the entire month of May, rotating each week, the Feature Episode Series are once again offering their special, unique rewards* for completion! Don’t miss your chance to (re)play the Feature Episodes and earn limited-time rewards. Read more to learn about which series will be featured each week.
Check out our Feature Episode Guide to learn more about this special content.
May 3 – May 9: Spectres (The Devidians)

Special Reward: Ophidian Cane*
Minimum level required to accept missions: 11 (Fed) 25 (KDF)
Episodes in this series: Skirmish, Spin the Wheel, What Lies Beneath, Everything Old is New, and Night of the Comet

May 10 – May 16: Cloaked Intentions (The Romulans and Remans)

Special Reward: Reman Bridge Officer*
Minimum level required to accept missions: 34 (Fed) 36 (KDF)
Episodes in this series: The Vault, Mine Enemy, Frozen, Coliseum, Cutting the Cord, and Darkness Before the Dawn

May 17 – May 23: The 2800 (The Dominion)

Special Reward: Shard of Possibilities*
Minimum level required to accept missions: 45 (Fed) 41 (KDF)
Episodes in this series: Second Wave, Of Bajor, Operation Gamma, Facility 4028, and Boldly They Rode

May 24 – May 30: Cold War (The Breen)

Special Reward: Breen Bridge Officer*
Minimum level required to accept missions: 48 (Fed) 46 (KDF)
Episodes in this series: Cold Call, Out in the Cold, Cold Comfort, Cold Case and Cold Storage
*The limited-time rewards are unique and each character may only have one of each of them.
This is a great opportunity for you to get the limited-time, unique rewards for your characters that did not have a chance to earn them yet. For players whose characters already have all the rewards, you will still want to re-play each of the series — all players will be able to find hidden, surprise rewards that have been added to each episode.
Which Rumour has it are the new in game currency Lobi crystals

Caitian Atrox Carrier

Starting this Thursday (May 3, 2012), around 10AM PDT, the new Caitian Atrox Carrier will be available for sale in the C-Store for 2,000 C-Store points.

To deal with the increasing threat of the Klingons and the tactical advantage they have with their carrier ships, the Federation has called upon their member worlds for assistance.

In response, the Caitians made their fierce Atrox Carrier available to Starfleet. A true carrier, the Atrox has been updated by the Caitians and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers with modifications that give it some of the abilities of a science vessel, including subsystem targeting and bonuses to Shield and Auxiliary power. These abilities allow the Atrox to support its fighters as well as other ships in its fleet.

The Atrox comes standard with two hangar bays, each stocked with Caitian Stalker Fighters. These stealth fighters can mask their energy signature and are equipped with Tetryon Pulse Cannons and a Thoron Device. Caitian Stalker Fighters can be launched from any Flight Deck Cruiser or Carrier.

Caitian Atrox Carrier:
Minimum Rank: Vice Admiral (level 50)
Weapons: 3 Fore, 3 Aft
Bridge Officers: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Science, 1 Commander Science
Consoles: 2 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 4 Science
Devices: 4
Crew: 3,000
Turn Rate: 5 degrees per second
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Hull Strength: 40,500
Shield Modifier: 1.2
+5 Power to Shields
+10 Power to Auxiliary
Subsystem Targeting
2 Hangar Bays
Caitian Stalker Fighters
In addition to this new carrier, starting Thursday, we are introducing rare (blue) quality fighter-pets into the Dilithium store — these will be available for both factions. More information about these will be revealed in the patch notes that will be posted Wednesday evening.


This was brought to my attention by @pannsgrl on twitter

Earlier this year a team of UK researchers announced that they’re developing a Star Trek ‘tricorder’ – Dr McCoy’s diagnostic marvel.
But if fans don’t want to wait for that they can always feast their eyes on the phaser gun from the early series of the TV show that someone has built in his garage.
In the much-loved series, the phasers were used by the intrepid Captain Kirk and co to destroy evil aliens – or capture them by setting the weapons, famously, to stun.
Well website Tech geek speculate it’s the Blue laser from a play station three, you can check it out on YouTube or the daily mail website.


I have to report the passing of composer Joel Goldsmith, who died Sunday at age 54. A three-time Emmy nominee and the son of popular Star Trek composer Jerry Goldsmith, Joel Goldsmith was a respected music figure in his own right,It was in television, however, that Goldsmith found his niche, composing the music for more than 350 episodes in the “Stargate” franchise alone, including most of “Stargate SG-1” and all of “Stargate Atlantis” and “Stargate Universe.” He also scored the “Stargate” videos “The Ark of Truth” and “Continuum.”

He received three Emmy nominations: for an episode of “Stargate SG-1,” for the theme for “Stargate Atlantis” and for an episode of “Stargate Atlantis.”

Goldsmith’s other TV projects included the themes and episode scores for “Super Force,” the 1990s remake of “The Untouchables,” “Hawkeye” and “Witchblade.” He also scored episodes of the 1990s remake of “The Outer Limits,” “H.E.L.P.” and “Diagnosis Murder.” His telepic scores included “Helen of Troy,” “Haunting Sarah” and “Fatal Desire.”

His other feature film scores included “Kull the Conqueror,” “Army of One,” “Shiloh” and “Diamonds.” He scored the videogame “Call of Duty 3,” and he contributed about 20 minutes of music (mostly for the Borg characters) to his father’s “Star Trek: First Contact” score in 1996. No cause of death had been provided at press time.
My condolences to his family, friends and many fans.
Here is a sample of his work. (Stargate Atlantis theme)


All the article listed can be found on the Trek News and views WordPress blog with some links on the podcast info at


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