Show notes for episode 25

Trek news Section

Television news

Writer Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daises, Heroes) keeps Trekkies hopeful at the exciting prospect of bringing Star Trek back to the TV screen. Fuller recently told Entertainment Weekly that he has spoken with X-Men director Bryan Singer about pitching a new Star Trek TV show, but the project may have to wait, “I don’t think anything is going to happen in any official capacity until after the next movie comes out. And I’m sure it would be wisely under J.J. Abrams’ purview of what happens. He’s the guardian of Trek right now.”
Fuller and Singer may soon team up to work on Star Trek as well, though perhaps not until 2014. “Bryan and I are big fans of Trek and have discussed a take on what we would do, and we would love to do it, “ Fuller said. Let’s hope that comes to fruition .

Movie news

Spoilers ahead so if don’t want to be spoiled jump ahead about a minute
photos have again been leaked. Though the photos only show a few props (red trees) that were being used for a big storm scene taking place on a red planet, they came with a bit of scoop about where the shoot is heading next. According to a crew member, Star Trek will wrap filming in Los Angeles this week before moving to the San Francisco area next week for one final week of filming.

Game news

Star trek The action-packed combat game is set to launch the first quarter of 2013 prior to the May 17th theatrical release of the next Star Trek installment from director and producer J.J. Abrams. The game, through a license with CBS Consumer Products, is based on a stand-alone storyline that continues the adventure of iconic characters Kirk and Spock as they work together to stop a legendary enemy race bent on conquering the galaxy.
“Star Trek” will be available in early 2013 on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. That should be about the same time the Abrams’ “Trek” sequel comes out. What a coincidence!
Star trek online news,
One of the devs for Startrekonline , Jam Jamz had revealed that there will be a +1 version of the Sovereign. This will be music to the ears of all Vice Admirals who want to fly the Soveriegn at the max level.
Staying with ship news, Captain Geko has posted on the StarTrek online forums, in relation to the Ambassador class ship.
“I think a lot of people have unfortunately misunderstood my comments on the Ambassador class. It will be in the game. Right now its not top ship priority. There is a lot more demand for ships like an Andorian Ship, a Sovereign Refit, T5 Akira, Vesta (if the stars align), and many others. I keep this list of ships, along with the Ambassador and many others on the whiteboard in my office.

Like most Trek ships, especially Enterprises, I love the Ambassador. When we first designed the Cruiser Line, we wanted each tier of ship to look distinctive, so you could see the progression. So we choose Miranda, Connie, Cheyenne, Galaxy, and Sovereign. It was a tough call not to include the Excelsior and the Ambassador, but we were looking for distinct changes in profiles, and we had to include the Galaxy and Sovereign. The problem with the Ambassador was that it is so similar to the Galaxy on a quick glance. It has a very similar profile to the uninitiated. Perhaps if I were to do it all again I would do Connie, Excelsior, Ambassador, Galaxy, Sovereign – so all the Enterprises.

So now what. We made the Excelsior. We made the original T3, and the Retrofit a T5. Its hard not to argue the Excelsior is popular, even more than the Ambassador. I was ok with making a T5 version because it showed up in many DS9 battles, and the Defiant actually fought an upgraded one in DS9: Paradise lost. Its a little stretch, but the ship was just too popular to not make T5.

Although I still don’t think the Ambassador is any way nearly as popular as an Excelsior, it is an Enterprise. I suspect we will do something similar for the Ambassador one day soon. So we may make a T3 Ambassador, and the a T5 Ambassador Retrofit with an updated costume and the original both available in the T5 version only. But aforementioned ships above will most likely come first, and we don’t need another cruiser right now. So its many months away.”
so it looks like the Ambassador lovers will have to wait.

Poll news,for there latest poll, asked readers the following question: Which Star Trek bar would be your favorite? The options were the 602 Club, Marseilles Poolroom, Quantum Café, Quark’s, Ten Forward or Shipyard Bar. And the winner is… Quark’s, officially known on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade. Yes, it seems that the majority of readers who voted would like to settle in at the bar next to Morn and grab an Aldebaran whiskey.

4/20 was high time to celebrate in more ways than one. Indianapolis-based band Five Year Mission celebrated by serenading George Takei, aka Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise, on his birthday.

The boys of FYM have a simple mission, “to take every episode of the original Star Trek, write a song about it, record it, and play it.” Resistance to the bands’ originality is futile. You can find the guys music on ITunes and in the five year mission website.

Convention news

The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is fast approaching, with the event — the centerpiece of which will be a reunion of the entire first-season Star Trek: The Next Generation cast — set to be held from April 27-29 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Also it looks like at least 2 Trek stars willing along with other stars of the
60’s era. Sherry Jackson and James Darren, from TOS and DS9 respectively will be attending the mid Atlantic nostalgia convention.
The convention in Maryland has A movie room which screens rare classics 24 hours a day.

Almost 200 vendor tables offer a variety of movie posters, magazines, lobby cards, DVDs, VHS videos, books, old-time radio shows and much more.

Slide show seminars and panels all weekend offer a variety of informative subjects.

Anyone can attend the convention. Attendees can pay in advance or at the door. It Runs from August 9-11 at the Marriott hotel in Hunt Valley.

StarTrek London
Star trek London have announced autograph prices for the captains
Guest Price
William Shatner
Patrick Stewart
Scott Bakula
Avery Brooks
Kate Mulgrew
From what I can gather in relation to the American prices these are very reasonable.

Other news

Roddenberry Entertainment, the successor of the science fiction pioneer that brought television and film audiences Star Trek, announced today that its Saturn Award-nominated film Trek Nation will make it’s much anticipated international debut on May 7 at the 11th Annual Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film in London’s Apollo Piccadilly Circus at 4:55 p.m. local time. The film will appear as part of a Roddenberry Entertainment double feature along with the company’s groundbreaking 360-degree film White Room: 02B3.

And now before we get to the main feature please stick around at the end for some blues music which Brian brought to my attention, trust me it’ll make you smile.
So now into Enterprise season one episode three Stange New worlds.


Human curiosity speaks louder than Vulcan logic. Despite T’Pol’s objection, Archer sends an away team to explore an uninhabited planet before getting a full scan of its unique properties. When nightfall arrives, the away team seeks shelter from a storm in a nearby cave. Panic and anxiety strike the team when a pollen brings on hallucinations of a life-form in the cave. Tucker’s preconceptions of Vulcans are intensified when his delusions convince him T’Pol, in league with the “rock people,” intend to kill him and his human crew-mates.
The Enterprise locates an uninhabited planet very similar to Earth. T’Pol advises to scan the planet along six or seven days for a cautious approach, following the Vulcan protocols. However, the impulsiveness of Captain Jonathan Archer sends T’Pol, himself, Ensign Travis Mayweather, Commander Tucker, Crewman Ethan Novakovich and the entomologist Crewman Elizabeth Cutler to explore the planet. They find a nice and calm place and when nightfall arrives, the team asks to spend the night in the planet, and Captain Archer returns to Enterprise alone. There is a windstorm and the group seeks shelter in a cave, leaving their tents. Along the night, the group sees people hidden in the rocks, Ethan becomes insane and Tucker believes T’Pol is a traitor. The Enterprise rescues Ethan and Dr. Phlox finds that the pollen of the flowers contains the psychotropic compound Tropolisine, a toxin that provokes hallucination, T’Pol and the team are in danger. Ethan eventually dies due to a side effect.

After the promising start to the series this is an unremarkable episode. It seems to have been a TOS standard.A deceptive paradise! Thunderstorms! Caverns, well all know how many times caves have featured in Startrek! pollen, and paranoia, with crew members threatening each other: we’ve seen this all before, in various combinations. Unlike our last review “Fight or Flight”, the way the story is told is no different than it would have been in TOS, TNG, DS9 or Voyager. Another thing I find particularly annoying about “Strange New World” (and its dark tone) is that the suspense isn’t even supposed to come from the meager plot, but rather from the blatantly superficial depiction of non-existent visions and voices. It didn’t work.
“Strange New World” didn’t seem to have anything worth remembering – not even character development – due to the fact that no one of the survey team was acting of their own will anyway. In saying that, Tucker’s gripe against the Vulcans resurfaced vigorously, but this is nothing new. Although we do get to see him pointing a pistol at T’Pol for most of the episode.
T’Pol, like Spock in the good old times of TOS, was the only one who was largely immune and saved the day, with Phlox coming up with the antidote of course , which was beamed down.
An interesting aspect of this episode: some of the lower ranks, namely Cutler and Novakovich, were given screen time.

Some things to point out,
Attempting to appease Tucker, Archer says: “Starfleet sent us here to make contact with a silicon-based lifeform.” Exactly such a lifeform, however, was later said to be completely unknown in TOS: “Devil in the Dark”.
what the devil happened to Novakovich? According to Dr. Phlox, he was going to recover at first, then he was going to die, and in the end he was suddenly fine again. This may be how the situation appeared to Phlox, nevertheless it didn’t make much sense – Phlox explains Novakovich’s toxication with the words “stray neutron”, as if he were a physicist and not a physician. This is bad science.
Remarkable quote: “Where No Dog Has Gone Before.” (Tucker’s comment regarding Porthos being the first survey team member to leave the shuttle).

Remarkable facts: Inaprovaline is already in use as a multipurpose medicine. –
– T’Pol has been to 36 Minshara -class planets before. This is a nice homage to what will become Class M. –
We find out – Enterprise has a crew complement of 82.


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