The Iconians


understanding the Iconians requires knowing a bit about the history of the galactic civilizations. In the beginning, as far as we can tell, there was the Precursor civilization. For a long while we had no name for them but they called themselves the Arnor.

The Arnor came across the primitive Iconians and educated them, nurtured them, and guided them to full sentience. During this time, the Iconians were servants of the Arnor. It is important to understand the vast difference between the Precursors and the Iconians in terms of evolutionary status. The Arnor were as far advanced from the Iconians as humans are from primitive mammals or o “beasts of burden.”

But as the Iconians advanced, an increasing number of the Arnor objected to the servitude of the Iconians. Of course, like many moral debates, there was a practical side: the Arnor had grown quite dependent on the service of the Iconians. But the Arnor came to a solution: they would replace their Iconian servants with artificial beings. And so came into existence the Yor, whose story is told elsewhere. In time, the great Precursor empire split in two and warred upon one another. The war dragged in for many earth decades, it destroyed the fabric of Arnorian society, it decimated there planet. But a group of the Arnorians who lost the war, A handful of them, escaped. They placed the Iconians in sleeper pods and they drifted for hundreds of thousands of years until the sleeper pods made it to a new world. On this new world the story of the Iconians was born.
While Humans tried to evolve into Bipeds the Iconians used the technology of the Arnor and began to build a colony, they took a militaristic stance knowing that one day they may be attacked again.
As they became mire advanced they built ships. they began to colonise the surrounding planets in the system. With time they developed there own warp drive. By the time Humans on earth had began to spread out from its ancient roots and explore there planet. Iconains had colonies on a dozen worlds in as many systems.
As is the way one tech lept into another. Warp Drive became Transwarp drive and slipstream technology. There weapons tech was more and more advanced fuelled by the military stance they had first taken. Eventually they developed a host of energy based weapon technology. All extremely deadly.
As they came into Contact with other civilisations they began to trade and expand commercially. They embraced other cultures and there art and philosophy. The Iconians continued to learn and advanced at a geo metric rate.
They continued to use the transwarp technology and built Transwarp gateways, not unlike that used by the Borg today.
based from a homeworld now near the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone. They continued to fuel there passion for knowledge and expansion, then they encountered the Q. The Q looked favourably upon them and gave the Iconians the Dream Gem.
With the advance knowledge the Iconian race possessed, they made use of the Dream Gem to develop their Gateway technology.
Using this technology, they formed the Iconian Empire which was spread across space. During the deployment of the network, they discovered the existence of a race of beings that dwelled within the Bajoran wormhole. Out of respect for these entities, the Iconians did not deploy any gateways within ten light years of the wormhole or those worlds that the entities watched over.

The philosopher Senega, however, warned her people that this disparity of technology between their race and others would become a source of conflict. Her words were proven true when suspicion and fear motivated other species to unite against the Iconian Empire who they gave the nickname “Demons of Air and Darkness” to due to their gateways.
The fear of the Iconians drove them to spread lies and paranoia. More and more worlds succumbed to this thinking until a dozen races where joined in hatred, hatred of that which they did not understand. Of course the Iconians heard the rumblings, they sent peace envoy’s and tried to assure the others of the benevolence.

The attack was carried out by a core confederation of five worlds, they where not powerful enough in there own right.
1) the Rakesh who where a reptilian race, quite aggressive and excellent ground troops,but two dimensional in thinking. They are now extinct . Apparently they got hit by a plague. Wonder how that happened.
2) the symbiosis collective. Long before the Trill reached symbiosis this race joined completely . Excellent scientific minds. They started as trading partners before the Iconians where forced to conquer them . An ill fated experiment with Transwarp , that they looted from a fallen Iconian settlement, destroyed a massive quarter of the planet and turned it into waste. They never recovered.
3) the Telmex basically very human like, they appeared to have succumb to the ravages of the next race as they turned on each other after attacking us.
4) The Osikians dual dome heads and slight telepathy made them an interesting race. After they attacked the Iconians, a squabble broke out with the Telmex about the spoils . This resulted in a war which so badly damaged either side they never truly recovered. As other races in the quadrant evolved they both became easy pickings. In there weakened state.
5) last but not the least the Shalikan . A race of once nomadic warriors who specialised in hit and run tactics. They eventually settled after the bombardment on the planet Ico. They then became enlightened, renounced violence and are a highly evolved spiritual race. Many others worlds treat thm with reverence . To this day they are the only race still surviving who attacked us.
But what of the war you ask. Well it was epic in its Scale.
In an attempt to garner peace a neutral planet was selected, one without a gate. As the Iconians waited the allies struck. All settlements and colonies and outposts where hit at the same time. The sky was a flame as energy beams from hundreds of ships danced across the sky.
Saboteurs made suicide attacks on power systems and gateway networks crippling the Iconians ability to retaliate. Blinded by there benevolent nature they where caught completely off guard. A mistake they never repeated.
Billions died as they detonated planet killing bombs, orbital Iconian stations where caught in a withering volley of fire power. Every weapon the enemy could muster was used.
The Iconians themselves triggered self destruct mechanisms rather than let the technology fall into enemy hands. Or worse still allow themselves to become a slave race again.
The peace delegation made for the ship and died, killed by shock troops.
With the outer colonies destroyed they headed to Ico. The Iconian home world.
The Iconians sent out ships but the combined fleet of a dozen systems led by the core five, swept them aside. But the Iconian ships sold there lives dear. They took hundreds with them, but not enough.
During the last days of the Iconian Empire, a group used the Gem to activate the gateway network and take the remnants of their races to other worlds in order to survive. They also triggered a key lock so no one would be able to control the gate system properly.
Then as they still tried to flee the alliance unleashed an horrific bombardment from orbit. Millions of Iconians unable to escape perished. The shock troops landed to a wasted planet. There orders. Kill everyone and they did. Young and old died. But they brought others precious time.
Thus, Iconian settlements were formed on the planets of DiWahn, Ikkabar and Dynassia. One of the last of the survivors was Kanda Jiak who sought to take the Gem to safety but after entering the gateway, he was instead transported to the planet Vulcan where he died and the stone passed to the Vulcan race.
But they being primitive at the time knew not what they had.
So began the story that Around 200,000 years ago the Iconians were supposedly wiped out following an orbital bombardment of Ico.

Despite using the their technology for benevolent purposes, the other races fear motivated them to attack the Iconians which meant that the gateways was the source of the downfall of their civilization. Whilst their home world was destroyed, Our species had actually remained in existence and secretly lived in remote corners of the galaxy. History later recorded that the Iconians were a race of brutal conquerors. Amongst the Iconians themselves, it was believed that one of the things that doomed their civilization was that their gateway technology meant they could no longer actually travel and thus they had lost sight of the journey in their desire to reach their destination.There own technology had made them blind to the horrors of the people they embraced as friends. It was known that no other race had achieved the same level of greatness of the Iconian Empire and in fact in over two hundred thousand years, no other civilization has come close to recreating the transportation system of the Iconians.

Though Iconians were believed to had been extinct, Thesurvivors moved to various remote colonies and in fact survived and continued to live for thousands of years. A number of Iconians were able to escape to outposts on Ikkabar, DiWahn, and Dynassia. The climate on Ikkabar proved too be unstable to sustain a population, and all but one of the Ikkabar died out. The DiWahn and Dynassian climates were more suited for settlement, and the descendants of the Iconians survived on both worlds. One of the last strongholds of the Iconians remained in the Alpha Quadrant, it was at this location where the Master Resonator keys were left behind.These Keys where the one thing that controlled the galaxy spanning Gate system. A faction of our race retained the use of their technology and had left known space in order to be on their own. in order to pursue new interests and not to be bothered by other species. They, however, formed a group called the Sentries that were charged with watching over the gateway network. To record all that was recodable for a time , when it may be of future. They then created “The Gaurdian of Forever”. the task set for the Gaurdian was to record all of Space and time as it sat alone on its planetiod. IT was Not a machine nor living it was something no other species could comprehend, but it would last for eternity if needed.

As time passed Humaity ventured into space as you know and In 2365,on the Earth calendar the planet Iconia was discovered by the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) who destroyed the gateway on the world. But at the same time they disputed the characterization of the species as being Demons of Air and Darkness. The Iconians also possessed territory in the Gamma Quadrant, such as Vandros IV and its surrounding territory.Thus proving the nature of the far reaching network.

During the Gateway crisis of 2376, the Petraw species masqueraded as the Iconians and activated the gateway network as part of a demonstration in order to sell the technology to the highest bidder. This led to a number of disasters such as the dumping of Theta radiation by a Malon freighter which threatened the Europa Nova colony that was accomplished through a gateway linking the world to the Delta Quadrant. It was only the effort of Captain Picard who met with the Sentries. He found a means of shutting down the system by locating the thirteen resonator keys and deactivating the network.
The sentries then recovered the keys and went once more back into the realm they now inhabited.

Some time in the late 24th century, the Iconians realised that as the younger races where now fighting over there technology something had to be done. They managed to manipulate the Undine or species 8472 into believing the inhabitants of the Milky Way had again invaded their territory.
When sent back to the Battle of Wolf 359 to save the U.S.S. Saratoga, Q told the Captain of the Saratoga “there is an enemy far more powerful than you have ever imagined, and the “demons of air and darkness” have waited and plotted but now they have returned.”
In the midst of a battle with a Borg armada, Federation ships saw a vessel of unknown design effortlessly destroy the Borg fleet. The ship sends a short threatening message and then disappeared.It is speculated that this is the first documented encounter with an Iconian vessel.
The Undine found an Iconian artifact capable of creating a Gateway after an attack on their territory. Only recognizing that the device was from the Milky Way they started to wage a campaign against the peoples of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Employing infiltration tactics, they set up the major powers to fight among themselves. The breakdown of the Khitomer Accords and the rise of Empress Sela were a direct result of Undine agents sabotaging the governments in our dimension. All the while the Undine or species 8472 where manipulated by the Iconian people.
Reman resistance leader Obisek claims that “the Tal Shiar no longer serves the Romulan Star Empire but rather the demons of air and darkness,” an enemy he’s never seen but he claims they whisper in the night for chaos and despair, hungering for revenge for being driven from their homeworld.
After finding an Iconian gateway, a Federation then confirmed that Hakeev of the Tal Shiar is directly working for the Iconians. Learning he is actively researching ways to best invoke conflict between various species. The Federation launch an attack, on the Planet and in orbit Multiple Iconian gateways are discovered. As the federation gain the upper hand on Sela and her forces a ship similar to that seen in Borg fleet action shows up, it then tows Romulan Empress Sela’s ship I.R.W. Leahval to an unknown location, through a gateway. Thus leaving the question of whether Sela was rescued or abducted. Federation Admiral T’nae and the Klingon Temek say that Iconians have been behind much of the conflicts lately, including the war between the Federation and Klingon Empire, and that their arrival could change everything.
Obisek wonders openly about the looming Iconian threat to the galaxy.
Dubbed by history as conquerors, their use of a highly advanced galactic-wide transporter allowed their empire to flourish.
Then the following message was recieved.
“we have waited in the shadows, existed in realms beyond your understanding. Our Emissaries will seek out many speacies.on many worlds. We will find strengths and weaknesses, our Technology and weapons are thousands of years ahead of anything in any part of the Galaxy. But we are patient we will wait, we will play as you humans call it the long game.
But we are back and our vigilance is now turned to you the young races.

What the future holds no one truly knows.


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