The Q

Star Trek‘s William Shatner has been tapped to host the 2012 Juno Awards.

The Juno Awards are chosen by the members of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and presented to Canadian musical artists and/or bands for musical or technical achievement.

This year’s ceremony will be held on April 1 at Ottawa’s Scotiabank place, and will be aired on CTV.

Also William Shatner appeared at the Wizard World convention in New Orleans.

During a Q&A session with the crowd, Shatner was asked if he ever hated Captain Kirk. “Last night we were having dinner (on Bourbon Street), and the waiter comes up and says, ‘What would you like?’ I said ‘Oysters.’ And he said, ‘Beam me up, Scotty!’ I mean, come on. On the other hand, I would not have been here ordering those oysters if it hadn’t been for Captain Kirk. It’s a two-edged sword. Imagine getting to do the things I’ve done as a result of playing the part of Captain Kirk.”

Shatner went on to discuss Chris Pine as Star Trek‘s new Captain Kirk. “He’s a lovely young man, who is really talented and looks really good,” Shatner said. “He’s got the demeanor, the body and the voice. So along with being a good actor, he’s got all the right equipment.”

Comic news
The end is nigh. IDW Publishing and DC Comics are approaching the end of their unique Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover, with Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #5 – the fifth of six titles – set to land in comic book stores on February 15. Once again, Star Trek’s legendary Enterprise crew shares the page, not to mention an epic adventure, with DC favorites including Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, Shadow Lass and Brainiac 5.

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #5 finds one team of Starfleet officers and Legionnaires in the distant past, where they encounter the force that erased both their timelines from existence. Meanwhile, in an altered 23rd century, another team of Starfleet officers and Legionnaires comes face to face with the latter-day version of that same powerful force. Fully aware of how history was changed, both teams must confront the question of whether or not anything can be done to set things right. Released on the 15th Feb for $3.99


Hollywood Collectibles Group is expanding their line of Star Trek-themed statues with a Captain Kirk 1:4 Scale Statue in the authentic likeness of William Shatner. Sculpted by Chris Vierra, with paint masters by Jeff Camp, Kirk is depicted in a yellow tunic and ready for action, posed on a transporter-themed base with a phaser in hand. The statue stands 19” tall, is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail.

The Captain Kirk 1:4 Scale Statue will be limited to only 750 pieces worldwide. However, for those who seek low serial numbers, Hollywood Collectibles Group is currently reserving numbers 1 to 100 for retail customers who order their products now. The product, which will ship later this year, sells for $279.95. For additional details and to reserve your Kirk statue, go to and click on the link

Star trek online news

Forge alliances… or all is lost. The message couldn’t be any simpler than that, and it’s at the heart of The 2800, Star Trek Online’s five-part Feature Episodes Series 4 that will launch at 10 a.m. PT on Saturday, February 11, with new episodes of The 2800 debuting on consecutive Saturdays through to March 10. “Episode 1: Second Wave” finds a fleet of Dominion warships emerging from the wormhole beside Deep Space Nine and the Jem’Hadar going on the attack, endangering the entire Alpha Quadrant.

Subsequent episodes are entitled “Of Bajor,” “Operation Gamma,” “Facility 2048” and “Boldly They Rose.” As players know, they must finish one episode before moving on to the next in the free-to-play game from Cryptic and Perfect World. Players earn mission rewards upon completing each episode and also a special reward for completing a series during its initial release schedule.

Starting after the maintenance on Thursday (February 9,)a new item will began dropping as loot in the game. This item is called a Cardassian Lock Box.
When a Cardassian Lock Box is opened, it will grant the character that opens it a random reward. These rewards range from a rare starship, to some great new items. The possible rewards are:
A box with a Cardassian Galor class cruiser starship.

A box with a powerful cross-faction starship console. When opened by a Federation character, it contains the Graviton Pulse Generator console (which is normally only available to Klingon players who purchase the Puyjaq Raptor), and when opened by a Klingon character, it contains an Impulse Burst console (which is normally only available to Federation players that purchase the Gladius Escort). This is the only way to get a console that is normally restricted to the other faction, making these consoles especially valuable.

A box with a Crossfire Tribble. This ground combat themed Tribble provides a small damage boost in shooter mode and a small damage resistance in RPG mode.

A Duty Officer Pack just like the ones sold in the C-Store.

A Large Commendation Boost, which grants a 20% bonus to Commendation XP for up to 10,000 CXP before it is fully consumed.
A smaller Commendation Boost, which grants a 20% bonus to Commendation XP for up to 2,000 CXP before it is fully consumed.
A Skill Point Boost, which grants a 20% bonus to Skill Points for up to 1,000 SP before it is fully consumed.
A box with a shuttle pet. When opened by a Federation character, it contains a Runabout companion pet. When opened by a Klingon character, it contains a Toron shuttle companion pet.
A box with a Dilithium Horta companion pet that can be used by both Federation and Klingon characters.
A box with a Sehlat Cub companion pet that can be used by both Federation and Klingon characters.
A box that when opened unlocks the Deep Space Nine Federation Costume Pack for the account. It can be opened by either Federation or Klingon, but the resulting costume parts are only usable by Federation characters on the account.
A Shield Pack box. This box contains a random blue or purple quality shield for a starship or personal shield for ground use. The item awarded is at the appropriate level for the character that opens the box.
A box with a stack of Gamma Quadrant commodity items for use in Duty Officer missions. There are 6 different commodity types available, and you’ll get a 5 item stack of one of the types. These are used for some new DS9 themed Duty Officer missions that are being introduced at the same time as the Cardassian Lock Box.
A box with a stack of double bonus consumables that improve two stats in combat, instead of just one. For example, a Shield and Auxiliary Battery.
There are 8 different consumables (4 for space and 4 for ground) available, and you’ll get a 5 item stack of one of the consumable types.
All items that can be awarded by the Cardassian Lock Box can be traded or sold on the auction house to other players. So if you get something you don’t want or need, you can trade them away. The Lock Boxes themselves can also be traded or auctioned if you don’t want to open them.
To open one of the Lock Boxes, a character will also need an item called a Master Key. Master Keys can be purchased in the C-Store for 100 CP, or in a 10-pack for 900 CP. If you attempt to open a Lock Box without a Master Key, you will get a message explaining that you need one. If you have more than one Master Key, then only one key will be consumed each time you open a Lock Box.

One of the rewards available from the Cardassian Lock Box is the Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser. This starship offers a unique flavor of play to cruiser combat for both Federation and Klingon factions. It also offers a unique weapon called a Spiral Wave Disruptor. This starship and its unique weaponry are certain to be in high demand for the impending re-ignition of war with the Dominion forces.

The Starship Details are

Recently unclassified documents reveal that during the rebellion, Damar arranged for a small surplus of Cardassian Galor-class warships to be given to both the Federation and the Klingon Empire to aid in their efforts fighting the Jem’Hadar. With the threat of the Dominion again looming, the Cardassian Detapa Council has finally agreed to release these forgotten vessels for Starfleet and Klingon Defense Force use.
The Galor is a cruiser, but smaller than many other vessels of its type. Its hull is not as strong as other cruisers in its class, but its smaller size makes it fast and maneuverable. It also has some of the best shields of any cruiser. The Galor class employs Spiral Wave Disruptor Arrays. This technology differs from standard disruptors by utilizing phaser technology as well. As such, it has the best properties of both energy types. Spiral Wave Disruptors have a chance to reduce the target’s damage resistance and to damage a target’s subsystems. They are also more accurate and deliver more damage than standard disruptors.
Spiral Wave Disruptor Arrays scale with your level and may be equipped on any starship.
Requires: Rear Admiral or Brigadier General rank (Level 40)
Forward Weapons: 4
Aft Weapons: 4
Bridge Officer Stations:
1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical
1 Lieutenant Engineering
1 Commander Engineering
1 Ensign Science
1 Lieutenant Universal
3 Tactical
4 Engineering
2 Science
4 Device slots
Crew: 700
Base HP: 34500
Shield Modifier: 1.175
Impulse Modifier: 0.17
Turn Rate: 10

So get your self into free to play Star Trek online and hopefully grab yourself this ship.

Now this weeks podcast is covering the Q so here’s a few notes for you to read while you listen.

The Q

Q is a mischievous, slightly threatening, purportedly omnipotent being who has taken an interest in humans. Q’s power is thus far limited only in that he cannot overcome others in the Q Continuum. He can apparently stop death, create life, travel through time, stop time, multitask/create multiple versions of himself and create entire worlds effortlessly. He can change a person’s mind or make them take any action.
Q’s mercurial personality switches between camp joking and deadly threats. While boastful, condescending, and threatening, he arguably has humanity’s best interests at heart, as seen in The Next Generation series finale, “All Good Things…”, in which he causes Jean-Luc Picard to shift through chronological periods, giving him a chance to save humanity. In his portrayal of Q, John de Lancie used Lady Caroline Lamb’s description of Lord Byron as “mad, bad and dangerous to know” as his inspiration.Q most often appears as a white human male dressed in a period correct Starfleet uniform with the rank insignia of Captain.
Q is said to be omnipotent, and is continually evasive regarding his motivations. His home, the Q Continuum, is accessible to the Q and their guests, and the true nature of it is said to be beyond the comprehension of “lesser beings” such as humans so it is only shown to humans in ways they can understand.
But Q is not above reproach, In “Déjà Q”, Q is punished by the Q Continuum by being made mortal; his committing of an uncharacteristically selfless act (sacrificing his life so that a race attacking him won’t destroy the Enterprise) garners the return of his powers. In the same episode, Q says that Picard is “the closest thing in this universe that I have to a friend.” Toward the end of The Next Generation, Q is less antagonistic toward Picard, even, in “Tapestry”, apparently saving Picard and helping the captain better understand himself (although whether Q actually appeared in this episode or was merely a hallucination Picard experienced during surgery is deliberately left ambiguous). In the series finale, “All Good Things…”, Q gives Picard a “helping hand” in saving humanity by helping him figure out what is causing “anti-time” to flow into the universe which will invariably stop humanity from ever being born.
Picard thinks of Q as an annoyance, and Q often is surprised by Picard and the other humans he encounters.
But all in all Q is a great character in Star Trek and one of my favourites, the fact that they have always existed, as told to Jayneway just makes them more mysterious.
Having appeared in twelve episodes of Star Trek and with Three captains on three series Q is defiantly a favourite of mine.



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