Enterprise broken bow

I am sure I am not the only one, but I have often theorized that Star Trek: Enterprise was the result of timeline contamination by attempts by the Borg to disrupt First Contact, and the crew of the Enterprise-E preventing them from doing so.
Anyone else considered this? I have some evidence, but I’d like to hear other opinions first.

“Was Star Trek: Enterprise the result of an alternate timeline?”

Simple answer: no. The Borg temporal incursion was part of the original time-line as evidenced by statements from Seven of Nine in the episode “Year of Hell.” While Torres and Kim were trapped in a turbolift, they were playing a trivia game. Kim asks Torres what Cochrane’s ship was named. Before Torres could answer, Seven rescues them. Then…

SEVEN: Phoenix.
KIM: What?
SEVEN: The correct response to your query. The vessel Ensign Kim was describing. It was designated the Phoenix.
KIM: Not bad. I didn’t realise you knew so much about Earth history.
SEVEN: I don’t, but the Borg were present during those events.

This indicates that VOY took place in the same time-line as the Borg incursion, which means that DS9, TNG, and TOS did as well. We already know that ENT did, thanks to “Regeneration.” So, in the end, it’s obvious that they’re all part of the same time-line.

At the end of Storm Front, pt 2, Daniels tells Archer that the time-line had been restored and the Temporal Cold War was coming to an end. So, no, we can’t say that it “ruptured time in between.” Also, with the end of the Temporal cold war , Future Guy was no longer an issue.



What was he thinking?!
63-year-old Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Avery Brooks was arrested for DUI in Connecticut on Sunday night.
A concerned citizen saw him driving eratically and called up the cops to pull him over. They must have been more into Star Wars because they gave him a sobriety test and discovered he was drunk.
No word on HOW drunk, but anything above the legal limit is TOO drunk to be driving!
Everyone makes mistakes, but driving under the influence is a potentially deadly one. We’re thankful nobody got hurt and hopefully Mr. Brooks has learned his lesson.

Trek.fm have posted a link to a YouTube video that I will include in the show notes.
The video is an explanation of warp drive in two minutes , use the link in the show notes at trek news and views.wordpress.com or go to Trek.fm.

Tng cast reunite for Calgary

It’s been at least 20 years since Sir Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Denise Crosby and Wil Wheaton all beamed down together for a joint appearance at an official Star Trek: The Next Generation event. But that’s about to change. The entire regular cast of TNG will reunite at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, set to be held from April 27-29 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The TNG actors will participate in a wide array of events throughout the weekend, including autograph sessions, specially grouped panels and discussions, as well as individual and group photo opportunities. To be sure, though, the weekend’s highlight will be TNG EXPOsed, scheduled for April 28, during which the entire TNG cast will appear together on stage at the Stampede Corral, with an estimated 5,000 fans expected to attend. Fans will be treated to a full evening of entertainment that will include music by local musicians and a moderated session with the TNG actors.

Star trek online celebrates
Star Trek Online, celebrates its second anniversary and the launch of the Odyssey and Bortas classes, in game events will run from the 2nd to the 6th to celebrate the second year of this mmo.

Speaking of Star trek online let’s get into the star trek online section with some space weapons tips.

Energy Weapons:


2.5% chance per shot of knocking one subsystem offline for 5 seconds.

* Cannot be relied upon, but is very annoying and very powerful in the right circumstances.
* Tooltip says 5 seconds, but I’ve witnessed this outage last as little as 1second. Could be lag? Could be damage resistance? UNKNOWN.


2.5% chance of placing a debuff on enemy which enhances the damage they receive by 10%.

* Because this debuffs your enemy, your ENTIRE GROUP benefits from this debuff.
* Refreshed with each application, does not stack. Lasts 15seconds unless refreshed.


2.5% chance to deal extra damage to enemy shields (note: All 4 quadrants receive this damage, regardless of which you are facing)

* Very nice for quickly tearing down shields, but worthless against Hull. Once their shields are down, this special is useless.
* It’s not obvious when this happens, but the numbers parse out to roughly match the tooltip.
* Always -80 to all shields, unaffected by skills/abilities. Does not scale well – more effective at lower levels than high ones.


2.5% chance to apply a fire-dot DIRECTLY TO THE HULL.

* This is THE choice for high-dps in a firefight. Will apply to hull even at full shields, not affected by shields.
* The chance to apply the dot is relatively small, but it STACKS if landed multiple times.
* The damage from the dot scales with the Mk of weapon, making this a useful proc at all levels/ranks. (118/15sec @ LtC, up to 162/15sec @ Adm)
* Can be cured in several ways, but NPCs don’t cure it.


2.5% to drain 25 energy from ALL subsystems.

* Could be considered a more consistent/potent version of Phasers.
* Energy drain can completely cripple any enemy ship, on a lucky string of hits.
* The drain reduces the enemy’s damage output, speed, shield regen and strength of aux-related abilities.
* Keep in mind that players frequently run with 25 energy in weapons/aux. ONE SINGLE HIT from a Polaron proc can knock those systems offline temporarily.
* Note: Drain does not affect power regen, and can easily be countered with EPS Flow Regulators, or EPS Power Transfer.


Special proc vs. Borg enemies.

* Available only from Battle Group Omega via badges.

* Purple ship weapons come with built-in high-crit stats that are very nice, but not worth the skill point investment. You can get lower sp-cost weapons with the same +crit stats.
* VERY handy vs. Borg (up to 1000 dmg extra on a proc – 7.5% chance). So much so that owning them is worth it, if only for STF missions.

Torpedoes….. AWAY!

Let’s talk about things that explode

Consider this your “baseline” torpedo/mine, and all others will be compared to it as necessary.
6.5 sec recharge (fastest available)
– Great choice, if none of the others’ special abilities tickle your fancy. The fast recharge means you’ll launch a lot of these suckers.

Slower recharge (8.5 seconds)
Approx 110% of Photon damage (hardest hit per torpedo available)
Fastest travel speed
– Good for long-range attacks. The travel speed makes it slightly more likely that you will impact the shield quadrant you aimed for.
– The higher damage still doesn’t make up for the slower recharge. If you launch torpedos every time they refresh, you’ll do more DPS with Photons.

Slower recharge (8.5 seconds)
Approx. 75% of Photon damage
33% chance to proc hull fire (DOT does NOT scale!)
– If High Yield is used, resulting torpedo is MASSIVE and slow moving, but can be shot down.
– The HY version of this torpedo seems to have a very good bleed-thru rate against shields, and applies the DOT nearly 100% of the time.

Very slow recharge (10.5 seconds)
Approx. 70% of Photon damage
20% of damage dealt is applied directly to Hull of enemy (instead of standard 10%)
* Only useful if shields are UP. Otherwise bonus does nothing, and overall damage is relatively weak.
* Here’s some quick math:
10% of 1000dmg = 100 dmg
20% of 700 dmg = 140 dmg
But when shields are down, it’s 1000 vs. 700. Capiche?

Very slow recharge (10.5 seconds)
Approx. 85% of Photon damage
33% chance to severely hinder movement/turn rates
* Potentially deadly in PvP, especially against opponents that like to flee. However, the proc can’t really be relied upon. From personal experience only, seems easily resisted.
* Works better on MINES. Combine with other stationary hazards (Warp Plasma, Tyken’s Rift, etc) to really mess with your enemy.

(Note: Only available at Mk X and above)
EXTREMELY slow recharge (60 seconds)
Approx. 250% of Photon damage, in about a 2.0 km area.
Also disables your opponent for a few seconds (all systems offline).
* No normal mode attack — always summons a “High Yield” type (HY cannot modify this torp)
* Travels slower than HY Plasma, and can be shot down.
* In order to compete with Photon DPS, the cooldown would need to be less than 20sec. Since the true cooldown is more than 3x this, it simply can’t compete. It’s a fun toy, not a useful weapon. (Note, this would also be assuming full skill investment!)

And that’s the end of your options. I’m going to go ahead and restate the opinion I’ve held since … well, forever I think … Quantums and Photons will always allow your ship captain get the most torpedo hits in due to the lower cool down time, me I go for either quants or the harpeng.
What’s that you say, the harpeng?
You earn this from completing the doomsday mission, it has a 15 second cool, but it has a unique trick. It latches on to the target ship, sits there delivering radiation damage then blows up. Even if you use hazard emitters to clear the radiation, after 15 seconds it still blows up do at least 5k worth of damage.

Quotes For broken bow

Zephram Cochrane: “On this site, a powerful engine will be built, an engine that will some day let us travel a hundred times faster than we can today. Imagine it. Thousands of inhabited planets at our fingertips. And we’ll be able to explore those strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. This engine will let us go boldly where no man has gone before.”

Dr Phlox: “If you’re going to try to embrace new worlds… you must try to embrace new ideas.”

Dr Phlox: “There’s a chance he’ll be conscious within the next ten minutes… just not a very good one.”

T’Pol: “Look beyond your provincial attitudes and volatile nature.”
Archer: “Volatile? You have no idea how much I’m restraining myself from knocking you on your ass.”

[to Trip]
Reed: “Keep your shirt on, lieutenant.”

Archer: “You can’t be afraid of the wind.”

Soval: “Listen to me, you’re MAKING A MISTAKE!”
Archer: “When your logic doesn’t work you raise your voice? You’ve been on Earth too long!”

Mayweather: “I heard this platform’s been approved for bio-transport.”
Reed: “I presume you mean fruits and vegetables.”
Mayweather: “I mean Armory Officers and Helmsmen.”
Reed: “Don’t think I’m quite ready to have my molecules compressed into a data stream!”

Mayweather: “We’re just taking a sick man back to his homeworld… why do we need weapons?”
Reed: “Didn’t you read the profile report on these Klingons? Apparently, they sharpen their teeth before they go into battle.”

Archer: “Four days there, four days back… then she’s gone. In the meantime, we’re to extend her every courtesy.”
Tucker: “I don’t know… I’d be more comfortable with Porthos on the Bridge.”
T’Pol: “My reason for being here is not espionage. My superiors simply asked me to assist you.”
Archer: “Your superior don’t think we can flush a toilet without one of you to assist us.”

Tucker: “I’ve heard the women on Draylax have…”
Mayweather: “Three. It’s true.”
Tucker: “You know that first hand?”
Mayweather: “First hand. Second hand. Third hand.”

T’Pol: “You Humans claim to be enlightened, yet you still consume the flesh of animals.”
Tucker: “Grandma taught me never judge a species by their eating habits!”
Archer: Human instinct is pretty strong… you can’t expect us to change overnight.
T’Pol: [skewers her breadstick with fork] With proper discipline, anything’s possible.

Archer: [to Hoshi] “Do you know how to tell him to shut up?”
Hoshi: [to Klaang] “Shut up!”

T’Pol: “A shadow on your sensors won’t help you find him. This is a foolish mission.”
Archer: “Come with me.”
Archer: “I’m not interested in what you think about this mission. So take your Vulcan cynicism and bury it, along with your repressed emotions.”

Reed: “One more thing.”
Archer: “Ah! Our new weapons!”
Reed: “They’re called phase-pistols. They have two settings: stun and kill. It would be best not to confuse them.”

T’Pol: “Move us away five kilometers.”
Mayweather: “In what direction?”
T’Pol: “Any direction.”

Archer: “I’ll take that as a thank you!”
Sato: “I don’t think they have a word for… thank you.”
Archer: “What did he say?”
Sato: “You don’t wanna know.”


2 thoughts on “Enterprise broken bow

  1. I have just started started watching Enterprise – and I’ve been loving it! I really wish I would’ve watched this when it first aired. But…for several quite understandable reasons…I did not know it was a Star Trek show when it started.

    Anyway, Broken Bow was pretty fantastic and I noticed some major similarities in its plot and the Trek 09’s plot. Maybe others have explored this more thoroughly…either way, here’s the brief rundown:

    Both makes use of opening vignettes set during the captain’s childhood to demonstrate his all-American, son-of-a-Starfleet-legend upbringing.

    Both throw their versions of the Enterprise out into action sooner than they’re ready.

    Both rely heavily on the human/Vulcan differences for humor, plot, and character development.

    Both plots involve the heroes going into the bad guys’ base to rescue the one good guy trapped in there (not entirely unlike Star Wars)

    I may have noticed other similarities as I watched Broken Bow, but I think that’s enough to get the picture.

  2. oh i concur on many fronts, they do tend to throw the rule book out the window at times and as we said in the podcast,the Vulcans where very emotional, in fact more Romulan in the deceptive way they tried to manipulate humanity.
    I think the fact that they failed to listen to the fans in the early days was where the damamge was done.

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