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Welcome to trek news and views for December the 10th 2011

This week in the podcast if you stick around after the news there will be some trek music from various artists.
I would like to thank 5year mission for there permission to use their music, Rick Moyer from Rick and star trek for letting me use his music as well. The other music is public domain,or artist acquired and I thank everyone involved in them for allowing my indulgence. Most if the music featured is available via the artists websites and iTunes.
Whilst on the thank you train, I would like to thank

So to the news,
Venezuelan Actor Edgar Ramirez front-runner for Star Trek villain

The latest Star Trek sequel villain casting news comes from Variety, with sources saying that Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez is the “front-runner,” with Jordi Molla (Columbiana) “also in the mix. Both actors are expected to test for the role over the next two days and director JJ Abrams is reported to be interested in making a decision before the end of the week. It is noted that there may be some issue regarding scheduling with Ramirez, however Variety sources say “Abrams wouldn’t consider any actor if they were unavailable.”

Regarding Ramirez, Variety notes the actor has been “pursued by the studios since his breakout turn as infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal in Olivier Assayas’ miniseries Carlos.” The 34 year-old actor has also appeared in Domino, The Bourne Ultimatum and Vantage Point, and will soon be seen as Ares in Wrath of the Titans. Continue reading



Welcome to TrekNews and views

First let me apologise for the late broadcast this week, but real life has been interfering with the fun aspects . I was actually thinking about moving the broadcasting to the weekend , it would make it easier when I can secure interviews, people are more inclined to have free time and be more responsive to doing interviews towards the end of the week.
So I will try the weekend recording and see how we go in this regard.

So to the news Marina Sirtis who played Counciller Troi on TNG ,has an interview on It is a two part interview but there are some interesting points.
She was asked about the forthcoming Blu Ray version and responded with,

“i was invited in with LeVar (Burton) to see the Blu-ray version, and that was fascinating. One thing I always thought when I watched the original show was how dated it looked compared to our show. And then, when I’ve watched our show over the years – and I don’t do that very often; I just sometimes catch it on TV – I always think it looks dated because the computer effects now are so amazing compared to what we were able to do.
I swear it looked like it was filmed yesterday. The clarity and the detail and just the look of it are amazing. I mean, I was absolutely blown away. Unfortunately, if you’ve got the series on DVD you’re going to have to get it all on Blu-ray now because it looks phenomenal. It’s unbelievable. The fans are going to be thrilled. They’ve upgraded even things like the details on feathers. Things like that, that you could never see before, you can see now. It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.”

So if you was pondering if you should or should not get the Blu ray,you now have a ringing endorsement from Mariana Sirtis.

Onto convention news.
Creation entertainment has added a few more faces to the Vegas line up, where they will be celebrating the 25 th anniversary of the next generation.
The line up as it stands is;
William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis,Robert picardo, ARON EISENBERG
(“Nog” of Star Trek Deep Space Nine), Alice Krige( the Borg queen). Robert Duncan McNiel, Diana Mulduar(dr Pulaski), Anthony Montgimery( may weather from Enterprise).

Levar Burton, ANDREW ROBINSON (Garak of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), JOHN BILLINGSLEY(“Dr. Phlox” of Enterprise). Brent spiner, John delancie, Michael Dorn and Kate Mulgrew.

Check the creation website for prices and dates as some stars only appear on certain days. Continue reading