What a way to die

Trek news 

This week we start with the box office.
As you know the preproduction work has started on the new Trek movie, with or without lens flare. But do you know how well each movie did? Well allow me to enlighten you.

Box Office History for Star Trek Movies

Released 12/7/1979 ,Star Trek: The Motion Picture ,1st weekend ; $11,926,421   US gross ; $82,258,456 worldwide gross; $139,000,000  budget; $35,000,000d

Release 6/4/1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, 1st Weekend $14,347,22 . Us Gross,$79,912,963 Worldwide Gross;$96,800,000  budget. $12,000,000

6/1/1984  Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 1st Weekend $16,673,229 US Gross $76,471,046 Worldwide Gross, $87,000,000  budget.$18,000,000

11/26/1986 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 1st Weekend $16,881,888    Us Gross $109,713,132Worldwide Gross .$133,000,000  budget.$24,000,000

6/9/1989 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier  1st Weekend$17,375,648 Us Gross $52,210,049 Worldwide Gross$70,200,000.  Budget, $30,000,000

12/6/1991 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 1st Weekend $18,162,837 US Gross $74,888,996 Worldwide Gross.$96,900,000  budget $27,000,000

11/18/1994 Star Trek: Generations  1st Weekend$23,116,394 US Gross $75,671,262Worldwide Gross  $120,000,000  budget $38,000,000

11/22/1996 Star Trek: First Contact 1st Weekend $30,716,131 US Gross $92,027,888 Worldwide Gross$150,000,000  budget$46,000,000

12/11/1998 Star Trek: Insurrection  1st Weekend $22,052,836 Us Gross $70,187,658.  Worldwide Gross$117,800,000 budget $70,000,000

12/13/2002 Star Trek: Nemesis  1st Weekend $18,513,305 Us Gross$43,254,409 Worldwide Gross$67,312,826 budget$60,000,000

5/8/2009 Star Trek (jj version)1st Weekend  $79,204,289 Us Gross $257,730,019Worldwide Gross $385,680,446  budget $140,000,000

So with the exception of Nemesis they all made a nice profit. Obviously Nemesis suffered from having a director that knew nothing about the show,the cast , the well established crew canon and so on. But it all dispels the myth that a lot of films bombed.

now the US centennial of flight website has a great article on the cultural impact of Star Trek and it’s influences on so many aspects of life. But there is a paragraph I would like to include.

Many people in scientific and engineering fields have stated that they were inspired by Star Trek, which they thought portrayed science and engineering in a positive light (although rarely accurately). Even physicist Stephen Hawking was a fan of the show. Although the original Star Trek series was occasionally sexist (women wore skimpy outfits and no woman was ever shown commanding a starship), many women have testified that they were positively influenced by the show’s depiction of women scientists working alongside their male counterparts. Actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg has said that seeing a black woman sitting on the bridge of a starship, and not working as a maid, made her believe as a young girl that she could be an actress with a real role. Mae Jamison, the first African-American woman to fly in space, has also said that she was deeply influenced by the show. Goldberg later played a regular on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Jamison made a cameo appearance on the show. Star Trek’s influence on numerous people was chronicled in a light-hearted documentary, Trekkies.


Popular phrases from the original series such as “Beam me up, Scotty,” have entered broad popular use, usually in some kind of comedic or ironic context.  Star Trek has clearly influenced many diverse aspects of human behavior.

If you think about how many modern sci if shows we now have because of trek, plus how many times you have seen Star trek used in comedy sketches it’s phenomenal . Plus of course let’s not forget the miriade of podcasts there are as well as we sites, games and so on. In fact never mind six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. You could probably link Star trek to many things in a lot less.

 Now Sfx.com 
Has a poll on the 25 most iconic sci fi people, not just characters but people as well.
Captain Kirk is at number 17, which in my humble view is very low.
Spock however is number 8 that’s a Huge  difference between the two, I’m guessing you have to factor in the Jj effect on these two characters, plus the fact that a lot if people find Spocks complicated nature, well fascinating pun intended.
Number one as I’m sure you want to know was Matt Reynolds from firefly. Really! Over Kirk,Vader,Spock and do on I cannot agree. Not to mention the fact no other Star trek character was in the list,no Picard,no Borg nothing. This is a flawed list. I’m sure even the brownshirts will agree that Picard at the very least should be in the top 25 somewhere !

That said Sfx.com do have a cool competition.
Win a trip to the official 2012 Star Trek Convention
sfx at 12:26pm October 27 2011   Comments 1
Fancy a trip to the USA next May, and a copy of the fab Star Trek Vault book? Course you do. Here’s a competition

The Star Trek Convention is taking place next May 2012 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (near Philadelphia) and we are giving away a five-day trip for you and a fellow Trekker.

The grand prize winner will also get a copy of Star Trek Vault, a must for any Star Trek fan. Five runner-ups will also each get a copy of the book.

For more details and to be in with a chance of flying to the States and attending the convention, visit SFX‘s Star Trek Vault compo page. Terms and conditions are all listed there.


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