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Welcome to trek news and views for Monday the 14th November

Well first of all I would like to think three other podcasts for plugging me on there own shows and websites.
Firstly Treknologic the weekly Trek show that we covered in a previous cast. There support from day one has been a god send, from both them and the forum members. Jeff has been especially generous with his time and help. they also allow metro plugin on there website forums.
Second The scifi diner podcast.
Scott and miles have been great friends and they have given tremendous support and plugged this cast on there show. Scott has also tweeted me some help.
The red shirt army podcast
This wonderful group of people have posted and spread the word on there podcast and website. Thanks guys.
Finally two individual Xander and Rick Moyer , Xander from the holo suite website and trek radio and Rick Moyer from the take him with you cast have been given encouragement . I thank you .
You know it’s wonderful how the Internet can bring all these people into my life and how great podcasters are at helping each other, you would not get radio stations doing that .

Now to housekeeping I was hoping to have a new mic for this show, but life got in the way, bills to be precise. So I ask your indulgence for a few more weeks and hopefully it I’ll be sorted then.

Now let’s get to the news.

Stsr trek online to start.

On or between the 16th – 19th  of november two new ships are due to land on ne main server. The Exeter and Puyjaq Ships , these are (C-Store) items and they join the Gladius and Bellerophon Ships already released this month.
Star trek online had been releasing a steady stream of new ships into the c store, in anticipation of the free to play people opting to buy them when the game eventually goes free to play on January the 17th 2012. Which means you will have a few months to play before the world ends.
Speaking of which STO has also released the dilithium exchange onto there test server or Tribble.
The way this works is you need dilithium to craft and buy gear for your away team and ship. Weapons armour engine and so on, no waiting till Tuesday with this nugget.
You need to get about 11,000 dilithium to buy a console or item. But at the moment you can only earn 8000 a day. So if you do not have the timeor the inclination you can go to the dilithium exchange and buy it. You will be buying it off players who havea lot more timeor there hands and so can grind 8000 a day. The problem is the price Is set by the buyer. You see how much your prepared to pay and the seller either excepts your offer or not.
This is the system perfect world uses in China. The result is if you time rich but catch pour, you do the leg work . While someone who is time poor but  cash rich comes in slaps down some money and buys what they need with little or no effort.
Will this eastern premise work in the west, I guess time will tell.
Another item to hit the test Server is the latest Borg invasion. This Is set on the planet of the Deferi and it looks awesome!. Now I don’t have a high end computer and it looked great to me. I can only imagine what the Borg spire, Klingon bird of prey (. Which sits on a hill top) and the surrounding complex look like.
so to read the company blurb.

The urban center of this portion of Defera, the City is home to countless Deferi, many of whom did not have a chance to escape when the Borg invaded. Players will be asked to aid in the rescue of those Deferi trapped by the planet’s newest residents before they are assimilated and the Borg add their knowledge of the Preservers to the Collective.
Power Plant
The Borg siege machinery – as well as the Borg invasion forces themselves – require a huge amount of power in order to wage their campaign. As a result, one of the first areas attacked, and subsequently taken over by the Borg, was a large hydroelectric power station. Players will be tasked with disrupting the Borg efforts to secure energy in the Power Plant and establishing a beach head for further attempts to take back this part of the world.
The Borg have come to Defera to assimilate the knowledge of an extremely powerful race called the Preservers. While the Preservers themselves are no longer on Defera, the planet is littered with their legacy in the form of ruins and artifacts, such as the remains of a Temple that is the target of this Borg invasion force. Players will lead the efforts to defend the Temple from a constant stream of Borg while trying to secure the knowledge of the Preservers for their own use against the invaders.
Towering over the Defera Invasion zone is the Borg Probe, a large device meant to quickly and efficiently disseminate the Borg nanovirus to assimilate the entire planet. Thanks to the quick response by Starfleet and the KDF, the nanovirus was contained and the Probe now serves as a base of operations for those Borg tasked with leading the invasion. Daring players can attempt to take on these Borg leaders.
Combat throughout the Defera Invasion zone takes place at Rear Admiral/Brigadier General level. Characters who have not yet reached this rank will be bolstered to fight at the appropriate level (much like how the Borg Red Alerts work currently).

now this is basically something you an play every two hours, so we will see how it pans out.

Star has an interview this week With TNG’s Young Q, Olivia .d abo
They ask her a variety of questions and she remembers wistfully her time in Tng.
She comments on the fact she knew nothing about the TNG franchise. But her and her brother had seen episodes of TOS . She also comments that working with all the crew was  ydoba wonderful time and she particularly liked Patrick Stewart and his portrayal of Picard.
Apparently as a foot note, the question she gets asked the most is,” what’s it like kissing Jhonathon Frakes .

Now cruising the collectables I found a paperweight , but not just any paper weight a Klingon Vor’cha one. It Measures 4″ x 3″ x 1″
Sprayed with matt enamel black paint on the back through which schematic is laser etched.
It costs $29.99 and is available at the Star trek store.

Now kinda sticking with collectables we all know Christmas is coming so how about some cologne,
well you can have RED SHIRT COLOGNE FOR MEN! Whose tag line is “put yourself in the line of fire”. RED SHIRT Cologne is made for the young, modern man of the galaxy …$29.99. So if you feel like you don’t want to stick around for the hole of Christmas this is for you. Or if you entering your seven year cycle , you want to get your Vulcan male excited well. Pon FARR, STAR TREK PERFUM! Drive  him wild! Vulcan Pon Farr perfume from the Star Trek universe.$29.99.
Or for something a little different  Sulu EXCELSIOR! COLOGNE …$29.99 for the helmsman in your life and finally, SHIRTLESS KIRK COLOGNE …$29.99, for the man who can body slam three people and doesn’t believe in the no win scenario .

Last a podcast I would like to recommend
These two great people do DVD audio commentaries on a variety of films, from Galaxy quest to star wars do head over to there website download them sit back and enjoy,

Well that’s it folks a little short this week I am afraid, but hopefully a lot loner next week, as always drop me a line at treknewsandviews @ gmail .com and catch me on twitter at colmh01.
So until next time live long and podcast


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